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We will be praying for you Rene, and trust that God will give you your sign and your miracle too. Love Dale, Karen, and Kids
They laughed a lot!
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You have killed Mr Bigglesworth TEN times?!? You shameful, awful druid!
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The blog platform I (and no other WoW blogger that I know of... :-) ) use, Typepad, has just launched its first free offering. Rather cool. Moi? :-)
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My thoughts on your article:
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Oh... and I think the whole "some money goes to charity" thing is just a marketing gimmick. Unless ALL the money goes to charity, it's just a way of helping you justify paying an exhorbitant fee for their product. If you want to give to charity, give directly =)Just in my opinion =)
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But is it a good thing or not? I think it's cool, but the price is exhorbitant. And typical of US manufacturers, their "Currency conversion" is ridiculous. $10 in the US, £9 in England. Anyway, while I might pay £9 for a new mount, I wouldn't pay more than £2.50 for a pet.
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I missed you! I check at least twice a week for posts from you. Currently, not really interested in playing my alliance characters, as I have so much invested Horde side. Maybe when the Paid Faction change is up, I'll transfer one of my well invested hordies to Alliance side and play more with Ravens again =) Dale
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Perhaps this would interest you? :) Personally, I loved Mountain Dew when I was in the States. Red Bull level energy, Dr Pepper level awesomeness.
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Interesting answers here. Erinys, you're exactly right when you say: "They don't seems to be answer on a lot of servers." No-one yet on Sylvanus has been able to answer that question in any reasonable sort of way. I can understand farm groups wanting "Fall of Naxxramus" as proof of experience, and even the [Superior]achievement as proof of adequate gear, or as I did when I ended up starting my own group - minimum def cap and 26k unbuffed health for tanks, 1800 dps for DD's, and 1600 SP for healers (yes these are on the low side, but thats exactly what we completed Naxx with the other day) - name your requirements, but at least make them appropriate to the content. On Steamwheedle Cartel (where I normally play with Leafy when not "server hopping" ;-D , the usual PuG requests for any raid instance are something like "Come to Dalaran North bank for inspect". That way you get a decent idea about who you're getting. (I'd personally much rather take someone in heroic/crafted epics and blues with the correct gemming/enchanting than someone in full PvP epics, for example). Rusco is right too - often the people starting the PuG's fail to meet their own requirements, and are basically wanting a boost. Phyllixia, I found out that some people on Sylvanus are even stupider than requiring 10 man Achieve when you have the 25 man one - I just linked the 10 man achieve (and did the same thing in 25 man vesion) from the achieve dialogue (even though I hadn't completed it!) and got invited. They didn't even bother click the link to check I had completed it. The ironic thing was that i was 2nd highest on DPS with my crafted/heroic epics and blues, above people who were decked out in full epic gear. I guess it's like the fortune cookie wisdom that's often spouted on trade chat "Random stupidity is Random." I now have my own one - [Epic] stupidity is [Epic].
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2009 on A Naxx WTF? at Leafshine: Lust for Flower
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