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Andy, This is a good post. I feel it misses one important point in my experience helping clients introduce a job I've noticed that the one key success factor is the mindset of the executives running the company. Unfortunately, there There are a few senior leaders out there who actually understand what agile is really trying to achieve and how it's trying to achieve it. To them as I was just another method or technique that can be adopted as it is to achieve better results. If we take this and add the fact that the vast majority of agile practitioners do not have the tools to help executives change their mind set, then we are left with a problem that is only fixed when the next generation comes into leadership positions. There are a number of thinking tools and approaches gear towards agile oriented change coming out and I think many of these will be useful, but they need to contain patterns, case studies, and perspectives that can help executives make the necessary mind shift change in a way that meets their objectives.
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May 17, 2015