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Josh Thomas
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I have been searching the internet looking for the answer to a simple question.. On which day did god create the international date line?? Now obviously the answer is that there needn't be on for when he created the earth, it was flat and held up by pillars of water, therefore when the sun went down then came back up again 12 hours later, it was the morning of the 2nd day, well, technically the 4th day, since he didn't create the sun till the 3rd day, but these are minor technicalities I suppose, given that so many find it so easy to believe in the bible even though it says the earth is flat and supported by more water. So I guess that's my question, what is a believers rationalization to the obvious first fallacy (that being to the foundation to the bible itself) that the earth is flat and the fourth morning is the fourth morning everywhere?
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Oct 27, 2010