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Thomas 'Mash Herbert
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The thread and definition of love that runs through the entire Bible is the condescending of the monarch to an anarchist creation. You can see this narrative right from the point of clothing Adam and Eve right after their rebellion, the particular continuous love for Israel despite their continuous rebellion, and the line of Israel (Jesus) being the very means by which the untainted love (holiness) of God can be entered into without tainting it. The love that envelopes creation is God himself. God creates everything not out of his need, but out of his want for creation to experience God himself "love". But this love is defined, it is the love of the relationship between the members of the trinity (which is necessary for relational love to exist at all) and love directed towards his creation, and commanded to be mirrored from creation towards creation and ultimately towards God. As you are aware the Biblical narrative portrays that this creation though created good rebelled, and thus had to be separated from God. But the very point of Christianity is to echo (1 Peter 3:18) that God despite rebellion makes the means by which this rebel creation can be brought back under the kingship of God, this is love because it is infinite condescension, service, grace. Jesus, who the whole of creation was made through, became part of his creation, stripped of his glory, was killed by his creation for his creation to be brought back under the kingship of God. So God is love as you say, but the point is not to strive for the love itself, but for the very source. And the model and framework of life in creation is the very same, admitting being part of creation, and demonstrating the very same condescension, service and grace towards creation: others and animals. Love then is God himself; but within the Biblical framework can only be truly be entered into if one comes under the monarchist rule of God by admitting being a rebel and needing the condescension of Jesus, and God's work at the cross. Anything else usurps love itself.
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Jan 12, 2013