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Thomas Nephew
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@sapient, @wj: I'm interested in this notion that I'm mind reading. Proposition: if candidate X addresses the National Chocolate Fans Convention (NCFC) to say that "it is my principle is that given a choice, I will eat chocolate ice cream before vanilla. You can take that to the bank," but subsequently chooses vanilla over chocolate time after time, then -- I cautiously assert -- X has perhaps disproven s/he operates by a chocolate-over-vanilla *principle*, though s/he may still have a *weak preference for chocolate when convenient*. Are we agreed so far? Can we further agree that the NCFC may be justified in feeling hoodwinked; bamboozled; conned; deceived; betrayed; even practiced upon? Might NCFC be rightly impatient with those accusing it of "mind reading" when it claims candidate X in fact does not have a principled allegiance to chocolate? @joel hanes: and who leads the National Democratic Party? Not to ignore the other responses, but I've whittled around on this one for a while and I'm tired. Good night, all.
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Mar 24, 2011