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Thomas Petitfrere
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Love is a precious gift, so that beeing in love with a supposed nine and a half feet tall (chez nous we say 3 mètres) blue avatar of Zoe SALDANA should not be such a shared experience...unless you were gently induced to... I felt immediately in love with the forest, the People and eventualy Neytiri, because M. CAMERON rings a bell to everyone of us as Human beeings. There is something in this movie , that is beyond the ken of the basic dumb grunt Hollywood/Weta digital/popcorn eater, as it is meant to. Thanks M.CAMERON, to delight us talking alltogether to our primal reptilian understanding and to the most noble part of our human conciousness. (please pardon my poor English, I havn't practised for a while)
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Mar 17, 2012
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Mar 17, 2012