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I took the polygraph test because I didn't know what else to do to clear my name. But suppose I somehow beat the test, that my denials are false, and that she is truthful in claiming that I attacked her in her senior year and in June. Why would she then ask me in July to accompany me on a trip to Argentina?
I stayed in the same room with Lopez Aguilar in June 2010, AFTER her graduation. As she confirmed, this was at her request. I had asked another female student meeting us in Santiago to book a room for her in a somewhat less expensive hotel near mine (which was provided by my hosts). On the way in from the airport, she said that, given crime rate in her native Honduras, she was scared to stay alone in a Latin American country. Our relationship that week was friendly and formal with her still addressing me with title and last name. We switched to first name after our return. As can clearly be established from time stamps, the idea of me staying with her and her boyfriend in Washington was hers. She invited me to do so through skype. I accepted and stayed with them once, not with her alone.
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May 23, 2016