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Too many "firsts" on this powertrain from a pair of companies not known for their exceptional quality launches :) Wait and see.
do I have this right...? overall US market for passenger car ~`16 Million units 2% hybrids ~ 320k units 13% share growth within this 320k....? is the general math correct?
As with some previous posts - agree that the noise might also be a factor favoring this approach. It probably allows <60 dbA (typical diesels are over 90 dBA) which allows late night pickups reducing congestion on the PIEK in EU for late night deliveries. But serious concerns on battery life.
All the discussion around "and" is good, but will not overcome the stalemate on payback. 1. Regulations (eg: tighter GHG rules) or 2. Extreme market conditions (eg: fuel price) will be needed to force adoption of technologies. Since 2 is out of (politically) out of government control, 1 needs to be on the table as a viable means to push sustainable mobility. Painful as it is in the short-term. Take the plunge or be left behind as China ramps up the 'electric vehicle capital' and supply chain leader in the world.
Isn't that close to a Eaton HLA type system - concept and pricing?
God bless the EPA! If it weren't for them the auto and truck industry would still be spewing out crap powertrains and laying off American jobs while outsourcing all engineering to BRIC countries. Let the market decide to improve does not work on its own. It needs responsible regulatory help.
@Herm...which city are you located in? I had heard that they were in trials in Miami and Houston.
Interesting development. I assume that the Eaton hydraulic hybrid systems (HLA) are already on EPA's emerging tech list. Does anyone know? I know that they have been developing the series hydraulic hybrid systems as well (they showed some at HTUF last year).
These are interesting metrics. So a typical bus requires around 4 drivers in a 16 hr shift?...Thx
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Mar 28, 2011