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Thank you very much for this one. Very useful (and inspiring) for somebody at a small shop.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2011 on Some ways to be useful at Northern Planner
First of all nice work. I like its tonality and overall perspective on modern life. Are you also going to release a Nokia app? ;) Joking aside, I'd love to know how the app is received. It's not an all that common use case ...
I assume you going to release one with a see-through Hamster for PETA?
First of all, if I learned anything from Marcus Brown, it is not trying to make too much out of all of this. So yes, I do follow some names but I've also unfollowed a bunch of them just because thanks to the echochamber (see AdWeeks top 25 BS) everything out of BBH that resembles a thought (and that is not to say against BBH, just as an example) will appear in my timeline anyway. As Charles said, it was kind of shocking (for a student/newbie planner) to see how disinterested and uninteresting most of planning is when it comes to issues other than the odd social media or the planning news of the day. This is - no sucking up intended - the reason why I ended up following you guys: things like history, politics, global issues, your beer around the world thing, the odd talk about a wine etc. So I'm mixing it up in tweetdeck columns and have given myself a max of around 500. But then again, if I stumble upon somebody I don't hesitate to follow and see how it goes. After all, it is only twitter, and not everything in this world has to follow strict efficiency criteria. Would be interested to know what comes out of your skype beer/discussion. ;)
I live some 100 km away from where they brew the Eggenberg Pils. Haven't tried it so far though as we've got literally hundrets of beers in Austria. Other than that: great initiative. Looking forward to reading about your endeavours. (I know some people in Hanoi, they aren't very much into beer though ...)
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Aug 2, 2010