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Another question: How is the sales manager's sales estimate arrived at?
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Another question: Has anyone done any data-driven analysis that shows a positive correlation between reviews in the major media outlets you mentioned and pre-order/sales volume?
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Thanks for this enlightening inside view into the process, Terri. Question: A lot of what you describe sounds like a print-book-first approach. Does the split of your print vs. e-book sales justify the print-centric strategy in 2015 and going forward?
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See, I don't think is is worthy of the Bulwer-Lytton contest. It's too self-aware. The ideal winner should be bad, and hilariously so, but seriously rendered without any wink and nudge to the audience. The author should think he or she is writing something of genuine literary merit. Anybody can do a smirky tossoff like this.
PANK Magazine Story: "Snow Angels" by Anne Leigh Parrish Nominated by Jim Thomsen,
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Mar 6, 2011