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Congrats! Glad to see that business is doing well for you.
What is IT today? One of my IT guys has a chart on his wall explaining the different IT types, hardware, programing, user... I am pretty sure that at one point not so long ago that simply being able to use a computer would have labeled you as techie. Bulwark is a pest control company, but we develop a lot of software.
Yes. Because it's my job and it was the responsible thing to do at that time. Yes. Because it was more fun at that moment to build a random website. No. This is not typical behavior. I am a social person so I would usually prefer to be with people. Continue reading
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Julian, Is anyone really objective? As they say in El Salvador, "Every Head a Different World". Thanks for pointing out some of the illogical conclusions that one can draw by focusing too much on a small set of data. Sadly, anyway that you look at it, what's done is done. For better or worse. We can only hope that a brighter future is in store. Or as Pumba would say "put your behind in the past." ...But don't mind me, I am just the pest control guy. =)
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Make sure your staff are properly trained period. People forget how easily things that are natural and habit to them are missed by those with little experience. Funny, I use to hate manuals and procedure guides but I have since come to appreciate them.
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Wow! Are you kidding? They really tweeted that? If you are going to say something similiar to that at least make it personal. "Sorry to hear of your experience. We would like to help. Please email us more info" Or "please give us more info here ..." When I worked for sears years and years ago (16 at the time), the one thing I do remember Sears teaching me about customer service is that "You never just point and say over there. You walk the customer to the item." and as simple ad the sounds that is customer service.
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Funny because the people that I know in real life that are so interesting are not about to add Twitter to their list of things to do. And I can't blame them as they already excel in their repspective activities. I just recently really jumped on board after my first SEO conference. Ironically I lost a few of my friends because my tweets went from close to nothing to kaboom. They didn't understand all the activity and the geek terminalogy that was pouring out of my account.
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