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Tommy008, you have hit the nail on the head about the Chase commercial. I have been telling anyone who will listen that I am sick and tired of all these commercials that constantly depict the man as a doofus and the woman as the wise one. Not that I am upset by the latter, no I am upset about the former. I believe this constant wife/girlfriend knows best propaganda is helping to destroy marriages/relationships. The most egregious example of this was a few years back. A visa commercial showed a man telling his girlfriend that No, they could not afford a European vacation. The next scene was the woman in Europe in a romantic embrace with a european male. The message was- don't listen to the man telling you that you can't afford it, dump him and use your visa to get what you want.
When I first heard the condescending voice of Bob Brinker during my favorite radio time slot of the week, I figured both Tom & Theirry were doing functions and didn't have the time to get a best of show together. The following week when I tuned in and heard his voice again I went into depression. I LOVED In the Kitchen with T&T! Cannot believe that KIRO would pull a program that had nationally regonized talent that had becomed a polished gem. As other readers of this blog are spewing, there aren't too many polished gems left for Kiro. Not even any diamonds in the rough. Like other avid radio listeners, I used to listen to 710am pretty much from morning til night. No longer. Dave's luster left when he was defeated by Reichert. His attitude changed from crusader to defeatist. Dori was so traumatized by 911 that he became a knee jerk shoot first and ask questions later coward. They got rid of talent like Prell and Hart for the dronings of My Daughter is the reason for the sun rising and setting Shiers. Now Bob Brinker replacing T&T???? WTF! Don't even get me started on lets read the front page of the paper for show prep R & D.
O,really spent his time making assertions that were mostly cheap shots at Stewart. Stewart spent his time articulating reasoned arguments. Like his claim to live in a normal house instead of admitting that he is in a gated community for the uber wealthy.
This reminds me of when I was 8yrs old. The local radio station was having a contest for kids under 12. The contest was who could collect the most Coca-Cola bottle caps. The prize was a half scale Model T novelty truck, no engine just a toy, but to a kid it was awesome. My Mom took my two older brothers and I around to all the gas stations and asked the attendants to open up the Old Style vending machines that held the hourglass bottles. We would then collect all the caps that fell into the machine after the customer used the bottle opener. We sorted through these sticky caps for the Coca-Cola caps. We did this everynight until the contest deadline. When we got to the station the Station Manager made a big deal about how the contest ended at 8pm and that there would be no exceptions for late entries. The contest winner was to be determined by weighing the caps. It was clear that we had collected by far the most caps. I was all excited because noone else had anything close to how many caps we had. 8 oclock comes and goes and the Station Manager said we will wait just a few more minutes for late entries.I was puzzled because he had repeatedly said that the specifically were not going to let late entries occur. At 8:20 a couple came in with the Man carrying bags of UNCRIMPED caps, all assorted flavors, not just Coke. The woman was carrying an infant. Clearly he got the caps from the bottling center and was in on the fraud. The manager declared the infant the winner and for the first time in my life I was confronted with blatant dishonesty.
SOTU was a little weak on big ideas. A spending freeze that won't start for a year. He did a good job stating the problem about citizens united ruling but only asked that congress work with him to try to address the problem. Where was the call for a constitutional amendment to fix the problem of money in politics once and for all. I was disappointed in his come together for the good of the country talk. Bought and paid for politicians are only going to do what their corporate masters want and a goody twoshoes speech won't change that.
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Ron Regan will be missed by this listerner. Putting him on tape delay was a horrible decision. Even worse was replacing him with the untalented Norman Goldman. I find myself switching off his show after only a few minutes of listening he is such a bore. RR was intelligent, witty, and able to converse civilly with those he disagreed with. Tina Nole is talented as well. I hope that 1090 will get a replacement that is even half as good as the team they pushed away. Not being live in the town you broadcast from is being pushed away.
air america is going into bankruptcy and ending live programming, will be playing encore shows until monday. what a time to be on vacation!
This is good news to me. 3-6 has been a radio wasteland for me ever since 1090 took Ron Regan off live and put in Norman Goldman. Can't listen to him even if I agree with his point of view. His voice is irritating and he spends too much time telling you what he is going to be talking about and not enough actual topic discussion. Ron and Don are awful. Deniss Miller has become a bore since he switched sides. I can listen to John Carlson even though I disagree with most of what he says, at least he has a good voice and is entertaining.
I would read George Will, but I can not take any grown man seriously who wears a bowtie!
Jason hit it out of the park in one swing!
I am positive that a full body scan would reveal that coulter is a man. How anyone can say that she/he is good looking is beyond me. Just because she is anorexic and dresses like a slut does not mean she/he is hot. She/he has been upstaged by a new brand of bombastic pundits like Beck who not only shock but rally as well.
Every now and then I flip over to the FM side of the dial to see what's up with the short man with a girls name. It is always the same. Govt is evil and we should all be pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps just like he did by attending public university in a day when tuition was very low due to heavy state subsidies. Gets old quick. Must be hard on him to be around a bunch of football jocks that make his small staturevlook even more pathetic by comparison.
My favorite program is on the weekend. Tom & Therry in the Kitchen. In it's fifth year and going strong! More informative than infomercially. Saturday from 4 to 7. 97.3fm. Amy from GoGo Green Gardening gives all the gardening tips you need in one segment without being annoyingly wacky.
Has broadcasting become narrowcasting? Preaching only to the choirs? I try to read Drudge and HuffPost to get both sides. But I know each is slanted. Where is the golden middle Aristotle described?
Perf! Whomever made this video used the same script that Beck uses for rousing the rabble over the President's citizenship. Brilliant. Hear the howls from the right about how this tactic is a low blow. Bwaaaahaaaaa! Typical wingnut - dishes out the low blows left and right, but cries foul when the tables are turned. How predictable.
Or maybe it is short for Too Boring To Listen
Isn't TBTL short to Too Banal To Listen?
Tami strikes me as the stuck up bitch in highschool who acted like if you were her friend she will treat you fine. As long as you go along to get along. Can't imagine being married to this woman, simply because I am not an eunuch! Bottom line decisions are fine for corporate accountants in the short term, but what about the long term? What happens when everyone stops listening to your barely disguised informertials at a time when the intertubes are providing content without such blatent product placement and promotions? Seems shortsighted to me. If radio is going to survive the transition to total interconnectivity they are going to have to provide more content, not less. Ed Hume is content, Tami Micheals is not.
Great post! Communists can be found easily by the billion in China. A country on the move buying factories left and right to displace freedom loving American workers with their near endless supply of 19 to 24 yr old women. Working real well for communist China these days. How can you tell who supports communism in America? Go to Walmart and see who's buying.
Let's thank Dick's parents for choosing his name carefully so as to have truth in advertising. When my mother married my father she told all their friends "you can call my husband Richard, Rich, or Ricky, but you CANNOT call him Dick!" What self respecting person would go by that awful moniker? Also Dick has no neck and he makes it look even worse by wearing full Windsor collars and neckties. I heard Thom ask him the question that little Dick ran away from like the chickenshit that he is. Typical conservative bombthrower, can dish it out but can't take it.
For the sake of the argument let's suppose that the birthers are correct in that Obama is not a natural born citizen. What do you propose to do about it Mrogi? What govt body would remove him from office? The same Supreme Court that selected Bush in 2000? Newsflash to all the birthers, ain't gonna happen. The Supreme Court gets to decide which cases to hear and they have already declined to hear this case several times! Why do you suppose that is? Most likely they decline to hear the case due to sheer frivolity of the claim. Even if they believed the facts in question they would probably decline merely to keep the country together. Can you imagine the reaction from the black community if the Supreme Court removed Barack from the Presidency? I venture to guess that there would be great civil unrest if that happened. Is that what you want Mrogi, chaos in the streets? Are you an end times guy as well as a birther? Are you rooting for a great calamity to occur to usher in the end times? What is the good that would come from such a ruling from the Scotus?
Point Set Match Touche Sparky!
Funny how a topic about Rush and the Republicans turns into a discussion about Nancy, Barrack and John by the usual right wing diehards here. Whats wrong with the wingnutters, can't stay on topic and discuss the matter at hand. Namely, is Rush and his bloviating from the far Reich to bitter of a pill to swallow? Is it possible that after a severe trouncing at the polls in November that now is a good time for navel gazing by the right wingers? Guess it is easier to throw stones than to be constructive and come up with ideas and principles that go beyond mere platitudes like smaller govt, less taxes mantra that is repeated to death. Looks like the American people are smart enough to give the other side a chance since the Republicans are hell bent at driving us off a cliff as long as their well connected friends get enriched during the process.
Dori Monson, the self described king of Seattle talk radio wears a gutter helmet for a crown.