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Love the PL pages... i'm struggling to finish/keep up with mine this year, too. I did one last year but it turned into a "regular" scrapbook instead of the photo-a-day type of thing. Looks like this year will be the same way... but at least I'm doing SOMETHING, right?
I am catching up on my blog reading - have been off the grid for a few weeks with no blog reading time... but I am so enjoying your posts and LOVE this one in particular!
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Covering my books was one of my favorite things about back to school - except I loved the brown paper wrapping because I saw it as a blank canvas on which to spend my creative energies throughout the year. I always hated when the paper wore out and I had to "retire" that cover (toss in the garbage) for a new one - I felt like my artwork was going to waste! I love your colorful covers - I have been doing the same with some tiny little composition books I found and I give them as little gifts to my friends - they are a perfect size to carry in your purse when you need to jot a note.
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2011 on NB ... at trimmingthesails
I have the same issues! I have a hard time "turning off" my brain at night and relaxing to sleep. Funnily enough I also have pillow issues - I hug a huge feather pillow that my hubby has nicknamed "Fernando" because I hug it more than I hug him... ;-) (or so he says) Try some tea with chamomile or the like - There is one by Peet's that is called Xiao's Blend. It works great to relax me and help me unwind. After hubby drinks it, he's out like a light. I've also had luck with some other green tea/chamomile blends, but this one is the best tasting I've found. Hope you find the magic trick and that you share with us when you do!
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Love that page! Of course, I always love your pages!
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2011 on Honestly ... at trimmingthesails
That is SO creative - she is very talented!
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