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Well that would show he is a pretty sharp businessman. He made money. What have Madigan and Cullerton done other than manage to spend billions the state doesn't have? Well done Governor Rauner, you have my total support.
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Come on Mike Madigan, you know you told the Trib what grade to give.
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If this passes I would personally sue Cook County and also every individual Cook County Board Member who voted for it. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you idiots not understand. Your crime issue is with the gangs, not lawful firearms owners. And if you believe the gangs will buy your insurance your a very special kind of stupid. Besides John Daley, which other Commissioners own and operate Insurance agencies that would probably gain financially from this? Since John Daley is my representative to this board, I will be watching VERY closely. Fed up with ignorant politicians!
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Feb 7, 2016