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I get the appeal but practically speaking: 1. Many existing lenses have internal masks & hoods that are rectangular or optimized for horizontal capture (like all those petal hoods) 2. Coverage is expensive in many ways, whether it's the recording medium (sensor size), the real-estate a mechanical shutter must cover, the size/shape of the LCD for both review or in a EVF. And most existing display targets are rectangular -- photo/printer paper, picture frames, computer monitors, TVs, smartphones, etc. Allowing the artist to choose one dimension or the other to maximize is a choice. I like the compromise that Panasonic has included in some cameras -- a slightly over-sized, slightly over-square sensor that allows a little less waste and a little more optimization when choosing among different rectangular formats (including 16:9 which Eduardo didn't include in his concept) -- but without going full-monty with supersized square sensor that would probably cost considerably more and cause other problems like lower x-sync speed with focal plane shutter.
Count me as someone who was a bit surprised to even see the E-5 announced. I don't know whether this is a real announcement from Olympus or not--or the correct interpretation--why would they tell people they're not developing 4/3 anymore at the same time they release the E-5? At any rate, the E-system already appears to be reasonably complete from a commercial point of view--they offer multiple performance levels of zooms across most of the focal length range. I suppose anyone who expected more primes might be disappointed.
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Sep 27, 2010