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I have helped japan and the royal family since that earthquake,i even sent a telepathic message on how to plug that reactor those many moons ago and in return Japan insults Gaia and myself by slaughtering her children in the oceans ie whales and dolphins.Well i have now removed my wing from japan and the forces of Gaia and myself are preparing to attack the cove where they do the slaughters of the whales and dolphins we will also strike the capitol of Japan...i loved them i protected them even gave them a guardian spirit,a white tiger spirit to defend japan from all her enemies i have asked time and time to please cease and desist Japan has went against the will of God and Gaia now it is a demand!!!convince them Ben convince them to stop or be serverly punished by the most powerful forces on earth!!i have helped them and you whether you believe it or not,well no more!! i do not care if the Yakuza dare to kill me for this demand!~ but i speak for this living planet kill me i do not care!!cease and desist or be punished JAPAN i love you do not force my hand any further!! talk sense into them Ben for it is better to have a powerful ally rather than a powerful enemy whom has ancient and powerful forces at my command!!
Ahh....Now i see where you have been you have been with one of my tribes learning some of our ancient teachings huh?good to know you are well Ben
Their are rumors that you are MI5 is that correct? i do not feel it personally,i see that you and your allies are now going after them for their worst sins,as i have been doing for a while now.Do not think me just anybody on the net Benjamin i have the ability to make people famous whether you believe me or not,but don't ever send someone to me again to ask if i should be saying the things i do.I have done more for this world even Japan then most.Do not underestimate me and do not insult me,I AM here to help and empower.If you guys send anymore agents to talk to me they best be friends or i will leave your side in the dust.I AM just a lowly humble Shaman who live in the woods.Be respectful and ye shall receive that in return betray me insult me then no more from me to you guys.
Also other spirit warriors are rising up against these bad guys worlds wide now,and our numbers are growing daily.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2012 on two feather at BenjaminFulford 
Brazil is freeing itself from the satanists.I AM very proud of them,i wish to do the same here in Canada.Because they are doing these great deeds for their lands and peoples we must support them.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2012 on Information from Brazil at BenjaminFulford 
All's i gotta say is WTF???
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2012 on RE: Leo Zagami at BenjaminFulford 
I have checked out drake for now he has our trust and support unless he shows us otherwise.i have empowered and quietly been aiding you all white dragons truth bringers like Ben.i have ran into a problem myself and that is these monsters in my country of Canada.We have a big problem out here.i am calling a spiritual war counsel to free my country of this decades old are from here ben,Canadains might need some help and support too.we have found police government military gangs even some i have worked with in the past.what happens here in out country Ben could be a domino effect worldwide.the police don't seem to be able to arrest these guys and what i know now i understand they fear threats of torture and murder,but i do not and many others whom they do not know about do not fear such we are prepared to take them on out here.I have recently gotten allot of intel on the missing native women out here and the children in foster care and when who and where they get abuducted and abused.I have names locations where they dump the bodies and locations where they do their crimes to Gods children.We have aided you in the past,now we need aid from your side.i will be watch,i will be waiting.i pray you guys don't let our country down,for i do not forget nor my allies.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2012 on RE: who is Drake ? at BenjaminFulford 
What the hell is going on Ben,me and mine and my allies will not work with the illuminati!!We are working to overthrow them,why would my side work with them?Alexander Romonov??he is the leader of the illuminati isn't he?wtf?and who is this drake you and a few other truth bringers have our blessings but not Drake or Alexander Romanov.have you betrayed us ben?mankind?this living planet?
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2012 on Anonymous Hacker Collective at BenjaminFulford 
Well man has been given the power to over throw these evil ones and IF mankind fails then yes they will come...well they are already here and my side has been in a quiet war for months now.I like the concept of the Annunaki against the NWO its fitting.
keep up your guard England is all i have to say,i have had some visions of you guys out where and its not even the populations fault, i feel for the good of you guys
The reason they have not attacked Iran is because their are other powerful forces at work ensuring peace in that region for what had happened in Iraq will never be allowed again.And we have our own big guns...
Time is running out,yes their seems to be many sides at work here for the poor and the earth.What i know is that if these interventions do not work others will intervene very soon i cannot explain yet or even if i have enough time to do it but i pray all our combined interventions work or it will get very interesting.Look to the skies and see what i mean listen to the rumbling under the earth many of us have put our lives on the line for this change.Ancestors are impatient just as much as we collectively are.God bless
I knew it!!i hope you are well Ben rumors are spreading they took you.All this waiting is wearing on my patience.I hope and pray this is the real deal,this news you put out.For the higher the true higher ups are the ones getting as impatient as i even the planets spiritual heirachy.As a collective we all wish to see good change a higher loving frequency.Our patience is wearing thin....
We will see Ben i gave you influence in the world now lets see if you and yours are serious or anything that you have writen over the last little while(since i found you)I know that the occupy situation was set up well i have put this very dream on the line i am on a hunger strike in one of the occupy camps,and i will promise a change of this dream in one way or can anyone wait while so much suffer in the world well i can't so now it is my life which is connected to all of heaven and earth.You all must work fast while i fast or me and mine will leave and i will take all that is best of this dream with me.going on 7 days Ben and white dragons less time to make the change....make sure it happens or it WILL be forced!!
We still want justice and closure for all that has happened,in fact me and mine and the spirits of the victims demand it!!
Mr A is incredibly accurate when it comes to the bankers of the world slowly but surely robbing the masses.I too look forward to their impending arrests,if this are not already happening by some of my most powerful and ancient allies.But it is not just the world bankers but all of the 13 white rich families that have the eye of my ancient allies.If man arrests them then much will be fixed mankind and earth can be saved if not then mankind and earth could be in for a world of hurt that cannot and will not be allowed. I pray mankind steps up to stop them or i am very sure OUR allies will, if not already happeneing as i stated before.
I deem it nessesary to call in help from afar and seeing the way things are going it looks like it was a sound call,either it be next month or the next few months all the world will be warned that either they change the ways things are run by these coward elites or all of mankind will see only things they have only read of.The patience of all the great spirits in this creation will wait no longer.they wish for war then to keep their goods then SO BE IT!! Keep watch of the skies we had some faith in the white dragon society to assist in this change but seeing what is happeneing to the holy men and women of Tibet and the chinese civilians themselves or the setup attack on the white folk in Israel so that they can start another bull war or it be the oil pipeline war in Afghanistan that should cease and desist immiatly or the Black water trained mercs in Syria that have been attacking the government forces and protectors so that the Rothschilds bankers can take over their neighbors has not gone unnoticed they can play their games as much as they want but the fact remains we see right threw all these lies.Arrests will be made soon of the Rothschilds Windsors and the other families but not like anything you think of,if these lies and wars persist.The most high will not allow thes low level beings continue this game.For what is coming is far greater and far more far reaching then these specks they will just be removed from the earth so that the transistion can continue.
I AM truly getting impatient with the slowness of these outstanding negotiations,if this does not work out i will be calling more powerful help from far away to come even closer to our beloved planet to show you how serious me and mine are at seeing a change ASAP! something big is coming or a few things anyway and we will call it here even closer for all the world to see.The suffering in the world the suffering of this living planet is becoming unbearable in the next few months you will see a potential prophecy be fulfilled before your eyes work faster gentlemen for our patience is running thin.We are willing to go to far greater lengths it seems then you are.To see this ever wanting change then the world may last another 20 years at least or not.
Do not worry about adding me as a friend on facebook Ben,me and mine are bowing out of these negotiations.The war wages on,but we will not work with those who do not heed this titan of a planet you all call Gia simple requests.Hey you and yours I AM sure will do fine without our backing.
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Jul 15, 2011