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If Patton was a psychopath, then so were Lee, Grant, Marlborough, Wellington, Foch, .... Patton loved war because he was good at it. (Not as good as he thought he was, but pretty darn good.)
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I know the Germans and Stalin had informal peace feelers out after Stalingrad, but I don't know the details or how serious that ever was. Had, say, Torch been a bust, that might have made a settlement more plausible. Tho since the whole reason for the war, to Germany, was the conquest of Russia, I doubt Hitler ever would've agreed. And had the Americans been more truculent, there might've been a split between them and the Soviets before the war ended, which was another great German hope (Frederick the Great & the death of the Empress). Imagine had Lend-Lease been cut off in a huff in 1943 or 1944. The only other scenario I can halfway convince myself of is a crushing Japanese victory at Midway and a total freakout by the American public, forcing FDR to put "Germany First" on ice.
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53,000 Italians the Allies now had to feed instead of the Axis.
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And then there are copyright trolls, like the Faulkner estate, which just lost on a 12(b)(6) in its claim that Sony Pictures owed it for a single (famous) line of a Faulkner novel quoted in a Woody Allen movie: "Of course, in all life + 50 jurisdictions, Faulkner’s works just entered the public domain, so plenty of people around the world can read the whole novel at will. But in America, the past is never dead—it’s not even public domain."
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2013 on Patent Trolls—Posner at The Becker-Posner Blog
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And yet, the RIAA keeps obtaining court orders for file-sharers to be chained on mountainsides and their livers ripped out, one ripping-out per download ...
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Jun 21, 2013