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It does seem after all, that "art" is whatever an artist (or anyone remotely connected with the 'art world') defines it to be. Certainly, since the invention of the camera, and more recently, the advent of photo-journalism, film-making, and the digital revolution, old definitions seem more and more precarious. And perhaps, in a way, always have been? This argument probably goes back at least as far as Roman society and their wonderful yet prosaically inspired wall frescoes. I do have one personal bête noir though, and that is the pretentious bleeding of one class category into another. The particular example I'm thinking of is video : I've seen art exhibitions and installations where video has been presented and described as 'fine art'. No it's not! It's film making, a perfectly good & existing category, which is big enough and flexible enough, to accommodate all forms of artistic expression, without its progenitors and protagonists trying to leap across into another class category.
Some good news (I hope) : I just looked through Paperchase's entire retail stock on Amazon, and this product is not featured there. Perhaps it has now been pulled?
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Feb 11, 2010