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What poor people need for more success is ... more jobs, and more job offers. Uber, Lyft, LiftAndGo, and other unregulated taxi services offer more people more opportunities. That's good for poor folk. The Uber gig business model also offers a lower cost taxi service to customers, so poor & rich customers both benefit. Why not before? Your #1 was *ding*ding*ding* most correct: " lack of entrepreneurship". The first business has to be a full market trial proof of concept. Now it can be copied. Why are (were) so many gas stations built right across the street from a gas station? Because the first one established that it was a good location, but most folks look for convenience AND price -- so the second one could be successful at the same or just a bit lower price. Bot-driver taxis are coming, but before that there might still be the taxi-bus: multiple point A pick ups not far from each other going to multiple point B destinations, for even less than current low Uber prices; maybe as low as most busses. (First time here)
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Aug 17, 2016