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I knew his star would shine one day. This guy has worked extremely hard and merits the benefits.
This Pastor is doing the work of God, a function he willingly accepted. Let him do his job in peace. Leave a man's judgement day to God. I support you pastor and more greese to your elbows. If he is false, let God alone decide. If he is truthful, let christians rejoice, for now he must be left alone to do the work he promised God.
Whoever made this man a minister is himself a complete failure.
My fellow people I am happy to join this weblog, I salute you all and I hope to contribute positively towards the reconstruction of our motherland. JB Ndeh or whoever you are, you need to check yourself very carefully before uttering any words from your currupt mouth. You and the rest of the Bimvondo crew shall all answer to the voice of truth when the time is right.