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Peter Tillers
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1. I wrote a book (by adding a lot of stuff in a revision) before I published a single law review article. I didn't have time for law review articles. I still don't have time for standard, bulging law review articles. (I have time for short articles.) 2. I take (mild) offense at the suggestion that a collection of articles or essays is just "service" to the profession. A collection of essays can be trivial. But it can also be a work of scholarship that transforms a field. It is not a simple matter to put together a _good_ collection of essays. It takes imagination and insight to do so. 3. Legal work outside of the standard academic mold sometimes requires and reflects innovative scholarship. Consider death penalty litigation. Consider employment discrimination litigation. Writing books etc. may not be the best way for a junior academic to advance in the law school world. (Consider for a moment what an astonishing statement that is.) But ... but ... some of you may want to focus on writing books etc. nonetheless.
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Apr 1, 2012