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Love your imaginary pooch! I have four dogs and yes they keep me very busy. I try to draw them; sometimes they come out recognizable even. I enjoyed the links you shared. Timaree
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2013 on Dogs—Various Approaches at Roz Wound Up
What says fall to me are when the lizards disappear (meaning hopefully the snakes are too) and it's no longer dreadfully hot everyday. We haven't run the air for over a month, yay!
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2009 on Quintessential 'Fall' in New England at Red Tape
Glad you could go and enjoy it. That would be a fun thing to go to.
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2009 on The Boss at Red Tape
It is hard. I was 24 when my mom died. She'd been sick for 10 years but boy, I sure miss her still 32 years later. My mom was only 56 when she left us. I'll be 56 this year. I wish she could have lived longer. Thanks for sharing her picture and your thoughts.
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2009 on Inconceivable at Red Tape
Really nice drawing. Someday you'll feel like coloring more than drawing and then it'll be ready and waiting for you. Will enjoy seeing it with the color but it's really nice now.
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2009 on EDM #147- Armoire at Red Tape
Very nice page. I love the colors added to the letters and the wavy writing. Your curly doodles are very nice too.
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2009 on Words of Warfare at Red Tape
Great job. I love the color.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2009 on EDM #178 - Vintage Child's Telephone at Red Tape
Congratulations! Now this is a useful prize.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2009 on I WON! at Red Tape
Very nice. I like your watercoloring on it.
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2009 on EDM #244 - Speaking Yiddish at Red Tape
Hmmm, something to think about. Is this why we get more angry when our family disappoints us than friends and then strangers? I can't help you with that self-competition garbage as I need to be set free of it myself! I don't start some projects simply because I am afraid it won't turn out as well as I think I should be able to make it.
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2009 on Is this true? at Red Tape
I like it. If it looked perfect you might as well glue a print into your journal.
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2009 on The Door at Red Tape
The postal emplyees will enjoy delivering these.
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2009 on Mail Art 4 The Fun of It at Red Tape
Great sketch. It looks just like my cat sits at times.
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2009 on EDM #185 Le chat at Red Tape
I like your page. Great image on it. Quite different.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2009 on Gasp at Red Tape
I agree, it feels wonderful when we figure out just what is the important element to OUR needs or dreams. It's so easy to see what others have and want it and there is usually nothing wrong with having it but that doesn't mean it's the key for us. Everyone has their own key to being and creating and living. I'm glad you feel better now and that you are making your journals just yours, decorating them to make them worthy altars of your words.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2009 on A Room of Our Own, Virginia? at Julie Unplugged
I tried before to leave a note here but it was returned to me as undeliverable. I'll try again. I am so glad you were enamored with your own artwork that you want to frame and hang it. It is wonderful to be able to look at it any time and think of the reason you made it and all the thoughts that went through you as you did. Do remember to use UV treated glass to preserve the colors of anything not lightfast.
Very nice page. Have a good time.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2009 on A Little Trip at Red Tape
I like your pages. They shouldn't be overly intimidating. Some people will think everything is too hard and some will think it's too simple. I think you are running a good middle of the road here. I saw one lady leading some kids in art journaling have them trace their hand and then fill it in with whatever - words, doodles, drawings and/or color. She also had them draw a grid for a week's worth of little boxes so they could draw (or glue in) something about each day. Good luck. Try to have fun.
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2009 on Art Journaling Class at Red Tape
I love it. This is such a dramatic picture but it's super. All that yellow abundance and the still bare tree in the midst of it all. Thanks for sharing it.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on (Almost) Wordless Wednesday at Bonny's Pages
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I haven't joined twitter as the idea I have of it is quick snippets of talk - not necessarily worthwhile talk but talk. Is this so? I don't have enough time in the day to join in on an online cocktail party if this is what it amounts to. I've joined Facebook to keep up with friends and family as they don't all visit my blog - can't get them all on Facebook either. I follow blogs and Facebook friends because of interest. Not looking to make a living through these contacts I guess I get to be choosy but why bother with sites you don't like for an occasional sell. It the trade-off worth it? I guess sometimes it might be. I don't think I'd keep up my blog if I never had visitors and commentors. It would be too sterile. I already live in the middle of nowhere; the internet is my social life but everyone comes to it for their own reasons. I think you make a really good point of not wanting spammers followed. We want them gone, not proliferating. Have a great day.
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These are wonderful pages. They are so much more detailed than anything I would call a background I would call them finished or almost finished. I personally would add a few song notes to the first and a line to a favorite song and call it done. The second makes me wonder if I should TRY a page like this. The third is a story in itself suggesting people are quite a colorful lot which we are so it's complete. Could your heart be saying these are done but your head is saying no, there's no verbage and a journal needs lots of verbage? Listen to your heart when it comes to your art. I am not an expert in any artform so this is just my humble opinion.
Toggle Commented May 10, 2009 on confessions of an art journaler at Red Tape
What a picture! I can't quite get over it's already a new year beginning but let's hope for a happier one than last for the whole world. Happy New Year.
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2009 on Happy New Year!! at Bonny's Pages
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What a great picture. I don't understand wordless Wednesday - I've even gone over to the site but people tend to post nice pictures for it.
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2008 on Wordless Wednesday at Bonny's Pages
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Thanks for your story. We make many Christmas treats that are reserved just for this time of year to keep them special. Norwegian Fattigman is one of them and I will have to make it as frying is not my daughter's idea of baking but she'll make chocolatefudge and snowballs (Russian teacakes by another name), a soft version of pfefferneuse, and I'll finish off with brown sugar fudge. Sometimes we make more but these are standards. I sent my daughter a link to your post about advent as you gave a better description than I have and every year she calls me asking about the pink candle (in my history that was the Mary candle - how she was ready and waiting for Jesus).
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2008 on St. Nicholas Day at Bonny's Pages
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