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Thanks for this one Steve, I think it's also a good example of how surveys can end up being professionally done but having misleading conclusions because people tell surveys what they want to believe or see themselves saying rather than the truth. And I'm not sure we -- most of us -- really recognize the truth about productivity for ourselves. We think we're most productive where we most like being, but ... well I guess that's a long debate. Anyhow I like the logical chain here, nicely done. Tim
Nice catch Steve, I saw that too, with perhaps a special push and a very sympathetic eye because I have a special connection to, and I've seen a lot of other examples first hand. But I also love the paradox: the world getting smaller, social media, virtual working, the web as a location, all of which are clear trends. If I remember right, your SmallBizLabs trend #7 is the convergence of social, mobile, and cloud computing; which I buy into completely ... and isn't this an intriguing counter example, physical presence making a big difference? I'm just asking.
Great post Steve ... this is a really good summary, and nice catch too, because I'm glad you found the WSJ source. Fascinating stuff.
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May 25, 2010