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Interests: film, film scores.
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Total fun. Jane's VO is an absolute scream!
Yeah, Liam Sharp is a guy we've been watching for a long time. Tom and I had a vision for this thing since it first became a topic of discussion to develop. That vision is a sweet period riff between artists like the aforementioned Bernie Wrightson, as well as illustrators like Gary Gianni, Joseph Clement Coll, and Reed Crandall. This piece was like a 'try-out' piece that won Sharp the gig. But expect the art to take on more of a morph of the names above while also letting Liam's own vision shine through. Stay tuned. This one's gonna be a fucking doozy! - TB
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Rosella - Send me an email or let's post a thread in the forum. We have enough copies left to make sure all of our forum members can get one if they'd like. We'll set up something official very soon. You won't have to wait long ;) - TB
Scott - Sorry you did not enjoy your time at the panel and were distracted by Tom. No one is going to be able to talk you out of your feelings here. Personally, I did not feel like he was disrespecting the crowd. He was frustrated by one of our own panelists, and in his own way tried to move things along. When it wasn't moving along he resorted to showing his exasperation. Unfortunately the combination of events rather threw the whole thing off balance. When we got to the Q&A, the whole point of it is to be concise and rather short with answers so we can move everything along and take as many audience questions as we can. That was derailed a bit as well by long answers that were over a lot of heads and that kind of went on and on. Tom spent MONTHS putting this thing together and I know for a fact he cares about the topic and cares about the fans. I've seen it in person too many times to think that this small sample is a microcosm of how he really feels. I don't expect any of this to change your own feelings on the matter. Tom's cut from a different mold, and that's one of the things I love about him. He's never going to be Nathan (bless him) Fillion at one of these events. He is who he is, and that ain't everyone's cup of tea. So again, sorry you didn't have fun, but let's also not assume anyone knows exactly what was happening except the people involved. It's easy to draw an ugly conclusion when you already seem to have condemned the man. I'm also somewhat offended with the phrase "Blond Bimbo" aimed at a friend of mine. Also name-calling of TJ. I don't recall Tom ever resorting to any of that during the panel you seem so disgusted by. At the end of the day, you are entitled to your opinion, but please leave the rude comments for youtube or some other forum. This is, after all, our front yard ;) I appreciate you taking time out of your SDCC schedule to come check us out, and I'm sorry it was less than what you were expecting. Cheers to you. Best - TB
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No spell check on Earth can track Trefan, Whityn, or Brennen ;) For sure, adult life is like Fantasy Island for me, it's damn sweet but I do miss the awesome people who have gone in and out of my life over the years. I relate heavily to nostalgia because I'm one of those folks who wears their emotions on the sleeve. Even though I hadn't seen Knoth in a few moons and saw him only sporadically over the last decade we shared a bond that goes beyond all that. The same holds true for many good friends whom I see infrequently. The good kind are the ones where you know the next time you see them it will be like picking up where you left off last time. Tommy, Whityn, Joel, Ed (Bloody) King, Tref, Jimmy Phillips, Tim Daley, the list goes on ;) I love San Diego but I DO miss my people like mad - X
jhaysonn - Most definitely, I always pencil and then do the inks unless it's a sketch er something. At shows I just sketch with a pen so usually no pencils there. But the serious work always gets a full dose of graphite ;)
Thinking back to the days hanging out in Steve's bedroom at the pink house - It's been mentioned more than a few times that Knoth and company were getting stoned pre-jr high school but I cannot remember him ever trying to pass a bowl to me. It might have happened and I'm just forgetting. At that age I'd have said no thanks and Steve would have given me zero shit, cause he just wouldn't. I didn't become 'enlightened' until much later, hanging in a certain 'garage' during HIGH school years. I don't really have any recollections of Steve toking it up way back in the day. Maybe he just didn't do it around me - either being polite or hoarding the precious buds ;) Getting high before, during or after school was a very guarded practice back then, it had to be. I'm finding it interesting that so many more of our mates were getting high than I'd have ever thought, including people I wouldn't expect. Certainly sheds a new light on things, heheh. As I mentioned before, hanging out with Ed and Steve was one of the highlights of my youth and there aren't too many weeks that go by when I don't think of them, or am indirectly reminded of them. Been YEARS since I've sat down with Ed, I think last time was at The Gallery in '98 or '99. Somewhere around here I have a box full of old drawings that include sketches done of our 'fantasy' band, "Destiny", yeah, waaay melodramatic name but we were 12 years old fer chrissakes! I gotta find those and give 'em a scan, or bring them to the next reunion ;) I despise gaps in my memory but thankfully I've got Ed to fill some of those in. Now a third of that triumvirate is missing. I've always felt that the three of us were 'destined' to connect again for a sit-down and a tripp down nostalgia alley. To me it would have been like The Beatles reuniting for a concert. Now we'll have to wait until a much later date for that particular show. My heart hurts for the people that knew Steve best, but I'm also wearing a smile because I had so much goddamn fun.
Aww, Porter, you have the eyes and smile that killed ;) - Sunk a thousand ships. Warriors you didn't even know went down in battle wearing your colors. A few of them are still battling ;) A drink for Knoth on Friday. The bottle stands in front of you all. This is a celebration of sorts. It is truly and absolutely devastating to realize that I'm never going to see that Red-headed mad genius again in the flesh. We all know how that feels. But as I mentioned, Steve has brought a lot of us back into contact, sharing memories which ARE truly a celebration of Steve's and our time on this fragile landscape. I'll take some good with the bad ANY DAY. It's comforting to know that you're all still out there somewhere, even if some of us never experienced the kind of friendships amongst each other that we had with Steve. Steve's true-blood people are rising up from our busy lives to pay tribute to a one of a kind hooligan that touched our lives. He gave us each a gift, even if it wasn't wrapped with a pretty bow.
This is one of many things Steve was good at, bringing people together. Fitting that his curtain-call has brought out a prodigious pack of chums that haven't crossed paths for decades in many cases. Grogg - I still haven't forgotten KinderGAAAAArten, Hoye, well said, luv. Gill, been too long!
That's fantasticness, Eric. We remember the Nightrider . . . Wish we could all share Knoth stories in the flesh, NOW - TB
Ed! You know I can't really think of Knoth without thinking of you (and vice-versa) and you've been on my mind a great deal. As Jack Burton once said, "We really shook the pillars of heaven didn't we?" - Sure, back in the day we certainly fucking well DID! Together. I remember the PINK HOUSE fondly and I used to tease him relentlessly that it was the Salmon-colored house until Mellencamp came out with Pink Houses, then I'd sing him a bit of the chorus as I past him in the halls . . . He loved/hated that ;) My love to you, baby. I miss ya prodigious mucho - TB
Affirmative, Chris. I'll have a few artbooks (archetype), and a bunch of gorgeous full color giclees, mostly Punisher. If you have a request let me know. Best - TB
Ken, send me a message on FB or email me and I'll hook you up with somebody with the show. - TB
JG! Hope you are well, Amigo.
Cheers, Tom. Great story ;)
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks Joseph, and thanks Jim & Ruth! Appreciate the kind words of support. I hope to goodness I get a chance to do it again!
Ya gotta love a Spambot.
@ J.E. - The very wispy textures that look like blowing sand are created from a texture I cooked up by swiping gesso on a thick board. Scanned it, then inverted (reversed) it, then screened the gessoed texture over the piece. So there is a digital layer on this. The rest of the fat hatch, crosshatch, white strokes and dry-brush stuff is all a part of the actual illustration. The screened texture added a unique atmosphere to the desert images. I wanted a layer of chaff to add guts to the environment and this was how I solved it graphically ;)
Rock on! You humble me, Sir. Hope you dig the book when it comes out. One thing I know for sure is that the stories are absolute dynamite!
Good God! It's like attack of the spam bots! We must destroy them at all costs.
Yes indeed, check the newest update here at the blog! Best - Tim
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