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I wonder when Avery will come out.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2012 on Where's Scott Hartnell?! at Crossing Broad
My tweet got featured. SUING!!!! Just kidding. o.O
Her gross face is the only thing that is NSFW about this photo. #NBHNC
Elliot would be a steal from St. Louis, but we'd have to work on the D as well. I can't blame Bryz, or hate this contract. It was the contract chess game the Flyers were playing that got rid of Richards and Carter and got us guys like Cooter, Simmonds, Jagr and Voracek. I would take them over Carts and Richie any day.
This should end the trade rumors. Not that I believe he was going anywhere. Especially for a player like Luke Schenn who has been even more underwhelming than JVR. Not that I don't love JVR, but the fact that he was second only to Patrick Kane in the draft is pretty funny looking back.
"We don't want to block the shot... because it hurts." I love Lavy.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2012 on The Complete Peter Laviolette at Crossing Broad
Players like Jody Shelley are not long for this world in the NHL, and I certainly don't see the need for him on the Flyers. That being said, Brandon Dubinsky has yet to make it out of the first round of the playoffs in his career, so maybe he should shut the fuck up for a while.
He left in the part where his mom yells at him? He's asking to be trolled.
How will we "spin" this? There's not much to spin. Paterno didn't pull a Jim Tressel. He told Jim Curley about it immediately. Why is this being ignored? Not Joe's fault in any way. "Joe must go?" Fuck off.
I respect the caliber of hockey player that JR is, and his time with the team. That being said, I never thought that he was a Flyer.
Guy with the camera is making my new, favorite face. Epic.
I love this site. Don't get me wrong, Kyle, but e-fucking-nough with the Superbad reference. Seriously? Funny thing about my back, Jules, is that it's played out.
A slow sports day indeed.
Have to agree with Nicole here. Every time I hear about a back injury to a Philadelphia player, I cringe twice. Once for the injury, and once more because I know I'm going to have to see this title... again.
There is some, SOME, truth in rumors. If it was getting around that Richie liked drugs, chances are he did. I agree with everything Kyle said. There is a fair amount of upside in what has gone on these last few weeks. We weren't going to win a cup with minor chances. I would rather look towards the future than look forward towards a present that can produce nothing more than what we have already seen. It is scary. It is uncertain. It is a change that happened sooner, rather than later. But it is a change that needed to happen sooner than later. 10 years down the line we could have all been crying about how we needed two other players next to Giroux, Van Riemsdyk, and Briere. We have a goalie. We've been dying for one since Hextall. Now we're willing to turn on this team when they lock one up? The Bruins were made up of grit, and good goaltending. That is the make-up of a Stanley Cup team in the league as it is. I believe in Paul Holmgren. I believe in the new Flyers. Be true fans. Stand by your team, even though you may not agree with their moves.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2011 on Making Sense of it All: Part II at Crossing Broad
I suppose you would want to pay Leino almost 5 million a year? Well I'm glad you're not in the front office. People act like Jagr is coming out of retirement; he's been playing hockey this whole time. Talbot is a great pick-up and we trimmed the fat getting Carcillo the hell out of here. Sean O'Donnell did a little more than jack shit, other than look like John LeClair's clone-gone-wrong. Stop crying, this team will be fine.
I certainly like the "#flyers wait for the news. Soon, soon" tweet. I think it will get done, I just hope the cap rises enough so we can keep Leino, although it isn't likely to happen.
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May 10, 2011