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A lot of heart in this one Paul. Demonstrates one of your points here, I think. Thanks for sharing. I deeply appreciate the historical perspective on our own period. So often we have the arrogance to presume we are creating something brilliant when in fact we are just iterating (minutely) on the brilliance of our ancestors. More often, we repeat the mistakes they made. Both instances prove we haven't learned as much as we think. The passion in this piece is fantastic. Many calls came through: Value your ability to create. Don't waste it. We can all do things on a grand scale as individuals. Try not to settle for less. Motive is important. Create, discover, build for the good of us all, if you want to be "successful" (A theme that can be traced through Bacon to Aristotle and beyond). I hope we can talk more on these themes. It matters.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2014 on Life's Philosophy; Science's Purpose at PGreenblog
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Sep 30, 2014