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Most of all, we should not forget that this is, as you say, "One Big Experiment". Expect a fair amount of trial & error (with healthy emphasis on the error part). Some stuff will work out fine, other stuff will fail utterly. We'll learn from both and have fun along the way - as long as we keep a relaxed attitude. Right? Just my € 0,02.
Brilliant choice! I missed the voting - but this would have been my wish anyway. Neil Gaiman is my favourite writer and this is my favourite book of his. Even so, for some odd reason, I never actually finished it. This will be a great opportunity to do so, utilizing peer pressure. ;) I have the hardback edition, may buy a paperback as well to take with me as I travel around. Perhaps there's an eBook I could load onto my iPhone, as well? Anyroad, brilliant!
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May 1, 2010