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Tim Huggins
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I can't wait to see which shots make the poll. This is a really neat idea and I hope it goes well for everyone involved. Good luck choosing the shots Mike!
I think this is really awesome. I'm not anywhere near having a image (let alone a print) worthy of submission; but it has officially become a goal of mine now. I don't need to actually have it on the sale either, simply convincing myself an image I shot was worthy for submission would be enough. Of course I'll have to figure out the whole printing scene. I've started printing some of my images and feel in a little over my head. I look forward to seeing the results (and sales) from this! An aside regarding a previous article, any thoughts on selling an "inexpensive" version (and yes I understand that the prices on these sales are relatively inexpensive, but not relative to me)?
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Nov 5, 2011