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This continues to reinforce the MOOC ~= BOOK view in my mind. Writing undergraduate text books is rarely a path to fame and fortune. It only works because the "universities to pay the staff [who] create the [books / MOOCS]". Was there a time in the past when people said "we won't need universities any more, everyone can learn on their own from books?" Anyway, we know that is not true. Books can be a useful part of the deep, thorough 3-year education you get from an undergraduate degree. So can MOOCs, but I don't see them going further than that. You can try saying "but MOOCs are more interactive" but that does not stand up to scrutiny. Good textbooks have always encouraged learners to interact with the material, but it has required more effort from the student. MOOCs make the interaction easier. Do they also make it more superficial? Time will tell. The only fundamentally new thing MOOCs bring, via the internet, is the ability to communicate with the other participants. The very early MOOCs harnessed that. In the more recent commercial offering that seems more of an added extra.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2013 on The MOOC wars at The Ed Techie
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May 2, 2013