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I was at the 93 march on Washington, the wave of gay hope was amazing, and i have since felt just like M. Ethridge stated at the Logo debate in August 07, that we were "thrown under the bus by the clintons". I bought a poster at that March, had it framed which i rarely do, and it has since hung in my living space, on it the quote, "Our Freedom was not won a century ago, it is not won today, but some small part of it is in our hands, and we are marching no longer by ones and twos but in legions of thousands, convinced now it cannot be denied by any human force" - MLK, in small print at the bottom of the poster, printed by Progress Printing Group, Chicago, IL....obama's 1.5 million donors are these legions marching, not denied by any Clinton force. it is time for change, Obama 08
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a bit heavy? lol not so sure about that, i think you write about what interests you, and it happens to be more often than not what interests me as well. outside of politics i often find myself to be an outcast in many gay circles. i don't own a tv, rarely see a movie, go fishing and volunteer for obama - ah, i'll never fit in. my advice, be yourself, even in public , even when writing, if you have a lighter side as you call it, show it, show all of you, don't hesitate - authenticity always works, for me it's why obama works - it's not about hope, it's his sincerity and authenticity. i find it very moving when you write about immigration with such detail, always referencing how it effects you personally. it's all we really have to offer in the end - ourselves.
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Mr. Frank has a right to his belief that Mrs. Clinton is the "best equipped to pass laws that will treat all Americans with dignity, fairness and equality no matter who they are or who they love" but he clearly stopped short of saying she has the best RECORD and current positions for LGBT equality. Whereas Mrs. Clinton's stance against DOMA is both recent, and only partial (as you nicely point out Chris, paying attention to what i see as a major difference, while HRC and many others ignore), Mr. Obama has always been against DOMA, which includes his current support to repeal the provision that allows states to not recognize same-sex marriage of other states. This is a bold stance by Mr. Obama (only matched by Mr. Kucinich), and a distinction that Mr. Frank, nor Clinton's cronies at HRC fail to point out in their questionnaire to the candidates. I hardly find Mr. Frank's endorsement to be in the best interests of the LGBT community when he's endorsing a candidate who stood by and watched in silence (Mrs. Edwards speaks out) while her husband ran Christian radio ads during the 1996 campaign, touting his support and passage of DOMA. Why isn't this being discussed more in the LGBT community? Do we forget? Melissa Etheridge didn't,and I surely don't. When I have a record, of past behaviors that show lukewarm support, I pay attention to it, the rest is pure BS and manifestations of the establishment patting each other on the back. Lastly, I do not think Mr. Frank has some gall to use these words just after ENDA passing in the house, he says that Clinton would support "no matter who they are", when he voted to an ENDA which clearly states "it matters who you are" if you are a transgendered individual. I know this subject matter of T or no T is being debated in the LGB community, but I for one, find it the ultimate form of being hypocritical to not include the T. The same folk that scream about full marriage equality, somehow now feel incremental change is ok. Is incremental ok if and only if you benefit yourself?
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