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I totally understand how you feel, its hard to see the movie or even think about it because you know the reality doesn't exist.
I think had we as Humans continued to live in Harmony, the life we would see on Earth would be far different than anything could imagine. In terms of whether or not we would have turned out like the Na'vi is very hard to say, but I believe that complex nature of the "zwahelu" connection would most likely not have evolved into a usable form of connection for us. The evolutionary need for it is not present and its difficult to say whether a need of this kind would ever arise. But for my part, I kinda wish it would, because I would love to live like they do. Tim
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Jan 5, 2010
I saw a blog post about why people would want to watch this movie countless times, and I think I might have an answer for you. Its not just that AVATAR is great story because it is, its that there is an emotional connection that you receive by watchin the film. ALmost a sense that something in the film cuts to your very core. The way that the beauty and majesty of Pandora is displayed is beyond anything we possess here on earth. So I think that there is some inherent quality of the film and makes the viewer very... Continue reading
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Jan 4, 2010
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Jan 4, 2010