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kacey's dad and a revolutionary for scribble liberty + some other identifiers.
Interests: Keegan, running, comics, cartoons, environment, green, sustainability, writing, emerging media, design, social media, public relations, digital communications, carpentry, graphic design, Red Sox, Patriots
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Mar 15, 2010
I go with the latter, the creatives got bored. The previous messaging was simple and elegant. It broke through the clutter of other ads and differentiated the brand from its competitors. By making something complicated that didn't need to be they ruined the brand for me. I had come to the same notion this weekend and was pleased to see someone else write about it.
Barefoot Ken Bob, I appreciate the comment from a prominent member of the barefoot running community. I agree with your statement that you should practice running barefoot on the full variety of surfaces to feel the real benefits. My hope of this post was to highlight my one experience, try it out, and have my readers educate themselves further at sites such as your own to reap the benefits of running sans shoes. Thanks so much for the feedback! -timmy
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2007 on No Shoes, No Shirt, Still Running at free scribbles