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" Try to name something that could not have been discovered on the earth but only in space." Too easy. "The spin-offs from manned space flight are effectively zero." Not true. Kidney dialysis machines, fetal heart monitors, programmable heart pacemakers, there are others, but ultimately none of those are possible without pushing the limits of our biology through manned space flight. "It's only putting people in rockets leaves me cold." If this leaves you cold then you are dead to the world.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2015 on A Sense of Proportion at davidthompson
I have a friend whose grandmother took a horse drawn carriage west across the US in the early 1900's and lived to see Armstrong take his fateful step. Sending 24 people to the moon is impressive enough on its own, but considering the technology they had then, versus what we have now, versus what they had prior (say in the early 1900's) makes your head spin. We went a long time as a species before this sudden explosion in accomplishments. It almost makes one optimistic about the future.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2015 on A Sense of Proportion at davidthompson
It's been a harsh reminder of how far off the grid of the national media Nashville really is. People outside of the city have really no idea how bad it is here. There are entire neighborhoods all over the city that are underwater, and shots from above in helicopters look like scenes from Katrina. One thing for sure though, we Nashvillians know how to rise up to the challenge and we'll be back on our feet soon. Thanks for your post..