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Timothy Beauchamp
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@mike thomas - PEDOPHILIA = RAPE OF CHILDREN OR CHILD RAPE and EVERYONE's business. What you ignorantly refer to as "HOMO SEX" - Sex between consenting adults and NONE of your damned, ignorant business except to note it probably occurs between two adults of the same sex in the privacy of their homes. The reason these little boys got raped and the pedophile got away with it so long was directly because of ignorant attitudes like yours that couldn't imagine anything this depraved occurring in the midst of their beloved COLLEGE FOOTBALL institution. Instead of admitting your values are screwed up, you'd rather make scapegoats of gay people. Well, in this case, you aren't going to get away with it. It was a HETEROSEXUAL MARRIED COACH who raped CHILDREN. Your attitude of blaming "the gays" for PEDOPHILIA rather than admitting that the worshiping of the institution of college football is responsible for this tragedy is the reason why this horrific tragedy occurred in the first place. I guarantee you this gay father wouldn't have had to go to Coach Paterno to figure out what to do with that filthy PEDOPHILE. This GAY FATHER would have STRANGLED the POS COACH raping the CHILD before I ever had the chance to run tell Coach Paterno! Then again, I don't love the institution of COLLEGE FOOTBALL or THE CATHOLIC CHURCH to get in the way of my INSTINCT to protect children.
@mike thomas - you are an ignorant ass. This has nothing to do with "homo sex." THIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH A PEDOPHILE WHO IS PROBABLY A CARD CARRYING CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN FOOTBALL COACH WHO PROBABLY VOTES FOR "FAMILY VALUES." WE KNOW HE IS MARRIED WITH A WIFE, AS WELL! I am a GAY FATHER, helped raise a well adjusted, and popular kid (and today is quite the lady's man) and would literally KILLED a pedophile, like this PEDOPHILE FOOTBALL COACH OR ANY PEDOPHILE CONSERVATIVE CATHOLIC PRIESTS, if they HAD ever touched one of my kids when they were children. IDIOT!
If ANYTHING this is a PRIME EXAMPLE of an INSTITUTION, whether it be the CATHOLIC CHURCH or COLLEGE / PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL or any other institution where there is a big cultural, monetary and emotional investment via the participants and a desire to COVER UP horrible and depraved things in order to protect the institution at the expense of any victims or the truth of wrongdoing. I hope that this is a LESSON to everyone that covering up wrongdoing and horrible crimes and allowing perpetrators to operate with impunity with no consequences can DESTROY the institution FAR MORE than the initial crime itself. THIS would not have happened if it had occurred with say a BIOLOGY PROFESSOR in the BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT or CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT CENTER at the PSYCH DEPARTMENT but because it was COLLEGE FOOTBALL everyone was willing to look the other way to protect the otherwise "pristine reputation" of COLLEGE FOOTBALL. LESSON LEARNED I HOPE!!!!
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Nov 14, 2011