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Sorry, I am odysseus. I should have signed in using Facebook. Not sure why I showed up with that name although I have used that handle in the past.
ulisescervantes wrote, "Just clarification, that I don't mean the air will move at 1000 kmh... only that the effect of the downward flow over the arctic will be felt 1 hour later 1000 km away, 2 hour later 2000 km away and so... 9 hour later one will observe upward flow in equator (but the flow itself is much slower than sound...)" Reminds me of electricity. The individual electrons travel at under 1 cm/s, but the speed of electricity is a significant fraction of the speed of light. Or for something similar... ... the balls swing only at something on the order of a meter per second, but the collision between balls that are in contact with one-another gets transmitted at the speed of sound in a metal.
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Aug 7, 2010
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