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Andrej Meszaros! How can you leave him out?
The funny thing is... JVR is right. And we are condemning him? He grew up watching the NYR not boo their goalies and they have had Richter and Lundqvist (meanwhile we have had how many goalies?). Bryz and Bob are both as physically talented (and Bryz has proven himself in low-pressure Phoenix), the problem is fans completely rob them of the mental aspect of their game. Shut up and they will start to thrive. Ever think, gee, maybe it is our fault for getting on their case? I remember us turning a highly talented Olympic MVP goalie into a second rate goalie (Nittymaki). We now have one of the top in the league and are bringing him down and one of the most promising goalies in the past decade... Just shut up and let them recuperate.
Stop complaining about goal tending. It is so stupid. The reason goalies fail in Philly is because the unrelenting pressure put on their backs by impatient fans. Shut up and let them recuperate for once. The short sightedness of Philly fans is what does our goalies in. Just shut up and our goalies will thrive because they are two of the most talented goalies in the league.
Frosty, do you only look at the small picture? The Flyers just made a significant upgrade to their defense not by adding Kubina, but by adding both Kubina AND Grossman. It is the big picture that counts and it is a great pair of moves. Also, Bryz is struggling with pressure (by people like you who lack any sort of patience) but still has great talent. In a little bit of time, he can adjust. Don't be so quick to pull the trigger on him.
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Feb 18, 2012