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KD - Love this so much! Because I'm a Dad and always embarrassing my sons with this kind of stupid stuff! I've got a couple of thoughts: 1. I would fire so many people over this! How did his support team allow this to go out without protecting him!? 2. At Applebee's we called this "Giving away your "A" card" - the decision tree being you have A, B, and C decisions, not "D"! "A" decisions were decisions you completely owned on your own. "B" decisions were decisions you shared with another party or even more than one party. "C" decisions you had no decisionmaking authority, crap was just going to happen to you! I'm completely down with the D! Wait, no I'm not, I think. What is the D again? T
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What!? No Candy Apple Red Charger!? T.
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Best booth idea ever was from William Tincup and Brett Starr when they wanted to do bring a big yacht and bikini clad girls to HR Tech, and act like they were at a boat show and not a HR technology show. Hotness attracts, just make sure you have the sales pros in back ready to pounce once the fish take the bait!
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Hey KD, Oh, wait a minute, it's Shannon on line 1 - Um, KD, look she feels Marissa is right, you need to start working FT out of HQ - see you soon. Kinetix HR
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"On Tomorrow's Dateline: America's Next Great Export - 5 yr old baseball factories in Alabama - Are we pushing too hard!?"
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My notepad is an IBM original that says "Think" on the front - it's so cool! On the inside it list the "IBMers Values" - 1. Dedication to Client Success 2. Inovation that Matters 3. Trust and Personal Respsonsibility in all relationships Nerds Rule!
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Meredith, Love the post - and don't worry the FOT family will find you another HR job when you lose this one! ;) Tim
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Mar 29, 2011