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Tim Susman
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Hooray indeed for this! It is happening all over. And again, we get this comment which infuriates me because of the appropriation of victim language: Sen. Dan Swecker, R-Rochester, argued that the proposed law alters the definition of marriage and “will lead to the silencing of those who believe in traditional marriage.” “It’s ironic how a bill which purports to be about ending discrimination leaves the door open so far for discrimination going in the other direction,” he said. “I’m extremely concerned that without additional protections, this legislation will create a hostile environment for those of us who believe in traditional marriage.” I'm sick of people claiming they're being "discriminated against" because not all their neighbors will subscribe to their belief system. Nobody is telling Dan Swecker where he can work, or live, or where his kids can't go to school, or whom he can't marry. He has not lost any freedom in the way he lives his life. All he's lost is the ability to impose his beliefs on other people who don't want to live by them. And that doesn't make him--or any of his supporters--a victim. (Also, he should ask the people of Massachusetts how their traditional marriages are going. Seemed to be just fine the last time I was there.)
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Out here in California, the sky overhead was a sweet, clean blue, unmarred by clouds. I didn't take a picture, but I did stop to appreciate it. Of course, for a good chunk of the day, the view over my head was the living room ceiling. It's editing time, and manuscripts and deadlines do not grant delays for lovely weather.
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May 30, 2010