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I am back to read the new blog. I maintain my following, & thoughts about buying the books for my young nephews. However, as a person who wants to be a writer myself (not medically cleared to wrestle), I continue to wonder about that "great deal of thought" you referred to on Twitter. 1] "...somewhare" in the middle in the 2nd paragraph?! 2] a random "s" in the 4th, in between mentions of your home & children?!
Mick: 1] I am a HUGE Foley fanatic & know nothing about Ambrose, so I am fully behind you in that. 2] May look to buy your children's books for my nephews. 3] What I am NOT behind is two uses of the letter "m" in "amount".
Mick, I'm halfway wth you. I agree Kelly & the Bellas are very hard workers, but that doesn't mean they are doing the RIGHT work. Let them make public appearances, or do fundraising (like Eve did with you), or something like that. I will flat-out stop watching the company entirely if Kelly ever wears that belt again!
I'm one of those fans who only watches SF for wrestling, but have been missing you on "Leverage". Loved seeing those vids on my Twitter last night.
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Aug 12, 2011