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Dani, you are completely right. By changing ideology, you affect change across several generation, much more effective than with the immediate establishment. It's similar to the bucket truck business or cctv camera business as a microcosm of what a change in thinking does for a business or society.
Nice post, Dani. You're suggesting that developing nations are the answer to this... I think African markets will experience the most growth in the next 50 years because of technology growth and cheap labor. Northern Africa is the next India for low cost labor. We already know that cctv cameras and some bucket trucks are being manufactured, produced, and sold overseas from North African companies. I agree with the Tobin tax solution.
Yea very interesting. We sell bucket trucks in Texas. Everyone around here seems much more hospitable than other parts of the country. Of course, there are always bad seeds no matter where you go. bucket trucks
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This subject is slightly touchy to me. I feel like everyone should be treated equally but when it comes to competition, I think the men>women thing is a bit unfair. While others may say it isn't, I'm not so sure. It is interesting though, the differentiations society puts on xx and xy and not xxx, or xxy and the different genetic make ups.
Sorry, I meant this kind of search engine optimization in joplin missouri. Not the kind about bucket trucks.
Wasn't she on a reality TV show recently? I wanna say it was dancing with the stars or something. Maybe I'm totally wrong here but, I feel like she has been on tv recently. -
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Posted Feb 8, 2011 at TippingPointSEO's blog
Hmmm, Investing in Africa. I'm not sure that's ever been a good idea. There are only certain areas in Africa that western companies feel comfortable doing business with. I'd stay away from Nigeria.
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Feb 6, 2011