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man, that's a lazy title -- Rolling Stone is NOT dead, I saw it in more airport passengers' hands than any other magazine last weekend. but the real question is -- does a single magazine in a vaccuum create fans? hellnaw. instead of attacking the institution (been there, done that), ask what did the band and its management do to take advantage of this opportunity? did they buy facebook ads targeting rolling stone fans or bonnaroo fans (another prize) in key markets where they have a history or can tour? weren't they supposed to play on fallon or something as part of the prize as well? if they did, did they use the video to its fullest advantage? did the band pass around the article to their fans, and offer a new track free if they liked or tweeted the article? i hear from SO MANY tech startups that they just got written up in mashable or tech crunch, as if they're set for life. and then they wonder why new users drop off four days later. ain't none of this a magic bullet in & of itself, you gotta have a team to use these events to help spread the word for you.
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Aug 24, 2011