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Tisha Smith
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Great American Artists for kids.... In first grade we made candles. We used the bottom square of a milk carton, filled partially w/ one color wax, put in some ice cubes, then filled again w/ another color of wax. I thought this was fabulous!
I would love Great American Artists for Kids: Many of my favorite art memories involve holiday art. I think that's because Christmas was the one time the teachers would definitely do art w/ the class. One time we made giant poinsettias w/ cards my teacher had recycled from the office. I loved the big flower I made.
I would love: Great American Artists for Kids. I remember choosing a poem in 6th grade and illustrating it. My poem was about Geese and I was so proud how my flying geese turned out in my picture.
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Nov 14, 2010
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Nov 14, 2010