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It is a great pity that when incident like this happens, people are quick to passing death sentences without any fair judgement yet we preach democracy. Has anybody actually tried to investigate into the origins of this regretable act or we are using the past of the Bali People to judge the present act? That is a deductive and an illogical way of reasoning. I also want to condemn vehemently what we call the free press of today for their subjective/one sided journalism. Has any of them been to Bali, interviewed the Bali people to find out about the true story so as to correctly inform the public about what is going on as their own part of the solution to the problem. My columnist brothers, it makes no sense to sit and proclaim death sentences to the Bali People or their Fon. The story is simple and clear. The Bali people have never segregated the Bawock people. About 98% of the Bali People cannot distinguish between a Bawock man and a Bali man. They all live in the same area, share the same village, farm and market and are intermarried amongst themselves. Like a brother, the Bawock people must have known that even though the Bali People are very hospital, there are certain limits to hospitality "An attack on any of the institutions no matter how small that make up Bali Nyonga by another village, Balis or non Bali people living in or out of Bali Nyonga is an attack to Bali Nyonga as a whole, as such shall never be taken lightly" and " anyone who claim to be a Bali-Nyonga shall identify with, protect and preserve the institutions, rivers, hills and valleys that make up Bali-Nyonga subdivision Two things are equal only when they are equal. The Bali Nyonga Voma, Lela and Ngumba have nothing equal to them in the entire world" Let all those inducing the chief of Bawock and his villagers to error beware of this. They stand to loose everything no matter what the press will say. They are few points I need to clearify here: 1. The Bawock people do not own any land in Bali subdivision and such cannot prevent neither the Ngumba, the Voma nor the Lela nor any traditional right from taking place in the village. 2. The bawock chief is either ignorant about his origin/past or he is badly influenced by his so called Bamilleke bid guns. " Never give your piece of land to a Bamileke man" 3. Can you wait and see an orphan you picked from the street, housed, cleaned and educated come tomorrow to fight for your property against your children? I am sure only idiots with not fight for what belongs to them. The Bali People will fight any attempts to divide the land until the last Bali Man standing. 4. For purpose of history for those who are ignorant about the course of the Bali People, the Bali People do not need permission from the Fon to fight for their rights and will even destroy any man even from Bali who prevents them from getting what belongs to them.