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commenting on danny-boys original comment,we are all being unrealistic and forgetting the simple fact that the CPDM is much more powerful this days as compared to a weakened come 2011 only God can intervene to see a non-cpdm candidate clinching to the throne in etoudi. so the arguement danny might be presenting is who is the better person within the ranks of the CPDM to take the baton from biya since nature is playing its part on it yang,fai yengo,atanga or who for that matter,i think thats the arguement.even fru ndi is the better person for the job,his sdf might not be able to match the mechinery of the cpdm.peace and God bless thy motherland.
mugabe and the zanu-pf fought for liberation of their land occupied by the white imperalist for decades. after political indepndence,zanu-pf and mugabe made a big mistake not to consider the fact that the whites had inhabited the land for a long time and wasnt wise to kick them was about compromising. now the damage has been done.all that is left is for mugabe to swallow his pride,back-out and give tsangarai and the MDC the chance to come with fresh ideas and rebuild the country.mugabe and the ZANU-PF cant survive.God bless zimbabwe and i hope the mdc and ZANU-pf can come out with a compromise for the sake of the people of zimbabwe.the people are dying because of poverty and a collasping state.peace.
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2008 on Letter To Mugabe at Up Station Mountain Club
i do not condole stealing by tricks but these white muggos are very greedy and as a result have a price to pay for their greediness. they govt is to blame for all the youth joblessness in the country. thats the result of our govts failures and kuddos must be given to this youths that their dont go out there to kill and robb their victims but they use their minds. the govt must stand up and priotise job creation for its youths.otherwise........................ peace
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2008 on Internet Scammer Nabbed! at Up Station Mountain Club
please guys,these guys are africans.why the hell would there be given prison course that woudnt be the circumstances of their arrival in cameroon and the setting free of the other fellow-africans on the said boot. we shouldnt be acting hostile against our own fellow africans.give the guys an asylum status to stay in the country or do something to help the guys.sending them to jail is unwise by our authorities.
monsieur watersih,we can not be regarded as docile simple because we are sound minded.should we advocate and use voilence against ourselves to show how less-docile we are?i dont think that would be wise. the govt being involved in obstructing development because of political agendas is foolishness on the part of the govt.we all know our govt is corrupt. talking about the voilence in the 90s,there are still some families that were left homeless up till these day as a rsult of these sense-less voilence in the 90s.what did we benefit from the destruction,apart from rendering some families homeless and inflictig sufferings upon the people. u see mr. watersih the govt has a duty to protect the state and its infrastructure against unscrupulous elements and i dont think we have to blame the govt for using force and sometimes inflicting harm on people who are tryig to destroy state property,or private property for that matter. we should try to be realistic and understand that our problems as african are many and we donot need to delibrately creat more problems and sufferings upon our people. there are many creative ways to solve political grievances.we have to be extraordinary cautious about state property because we have a lot of problems to worry about and re-construction should not be one.the issue on lapiro being sentenced,i still strongly think it was as a result of a political fallout but anyone found guity for a crime like that should face the might of the law. i commented on people destroying property as a result of envy because in cameroon we see politicains destroying peoples property because they donot share the same political party or political ideologies.this is a serious matter,there is not laughable about this. on the issue of africa leaders stealing and hiding it in the west is another debate on how to avoid these practice but the bottom line is the west still has the capacity to develop itself rapidly and we should not compare the two at these stage in time. i agree with u that our governments have to stop playing games and we must also learn and adopt other means of getting the govts attension.peace and Go bless Africa.
mr.Danny,did i hear u say war is not bad?i dont have to worry myself researching on post-war develpoment.tell that to somebody from liberia,and sierra leone.count yourself lucky not to know how it feels like to be at war. i wish and hope mankind had other means to settle disputes and not through war. there is no justable explanation for destruction,apart from greed and envie.istead of post-war re-construction,mankind ought to learn from history and rapidly construct and not re-construct.where is america going to get the money at this time to rapidly re-construct iraq and afganistan?this countries are suffering from post-american destruction and less re-construction.look at sierra leone.this is a country that cant afford to destroy anything with the hope of re constructing it because the future generation would suffer from lack of services.maybe when we rally mobs in some political grievance in cameroon and go and burn the amadu adhajo staduim in yaounde then the govt would rapidly re construct another african we need to protect our wealth and capital,because as i said,we dont just have the money for rapid post-destruction construction.voilent conduct doesnt have any benefits simple causes harm.and whether WW2 brought about africa independence is an irrelevant statement, as to whether voilence and destruction is good for the continent or cameroon for that matter. and if u are patriotic and have a sence of nationlity u would think twice before before letting your hands of frustration on national property. and finally mr.danny,there is no need to bury my head in shame,i am just laying my believes,and dis agree-ing with u doesnt make me a nuisance.peace and God bless the motherland
mr.rex,we all know that the president is in charge of security.but it is the duty of all cameroonians to protect property, be it private or property should be destoyed through voilence.and fru ndi was a voice who would have prevented some of those voilent acts. u scenario of withnessing the destruction of property in europe is some thing else.europe is europe and africa is africa.because property can is destroyed in europe through political voilence should not be the same in africa. we dont just have the funds to replace or re-construct damages.there is no room for destruction of state property.the europeans can destroy theirs and build it back in a me all who are found guity of malicious damage of property must face the might of the law.paece
there is nothing unpredictable about mr.iya and the fact that he wants to clinch to power and avoid an impeachment from the next occupant of etoudi.
biya will be remembered for rendering a whole generation of cameroonians hopeless and refugees in search for a better life. may God forgive him.peace
MA MARY,dont u think this names are just to much for one person?
obamas achievement is an inspiration to the oppressed and marginalised of the goes a long way to say all of us have very high dreams no matter our backgruonds and that given an opportunity all mankind can excel hence making the world a better place for all. africans must learn from the the american society and foster to creat a society full of opportunities for all and live the late martin luthers dream of a society where by one is not going to be judged by the colourof his face, or by ethnic group or by the the sound of his surname but by the content of his character and what he or she can deliver.peace.
Anionted,what u lecturer told u is true,but our post-colonial leaders done what to make it possible for us.blocking us from opportunities.refusing to intergrate us into the system to take over from them.what a mess.but nature has its way and there would never be there for ever.i hope our future generations do not suffer from the leadership vaccum that our fathers have decided to creat as a result of not intergrating the youths into the system.peace and God bless Africa
Tekum Mbeng,greetings.i would want to disagree with u and stress on the fact that north west needs a state university. and i know u are aware of the fact that yaounde,dschang and even buea are cover crowded with students to the extend that lecturers need to use loud speakers to get their lectures across. on the issue of a vocational and tertiary university as a proirity, i agree on a multi purpose university like the anglo saxon technikons ie universities of technology or maybe our so called polytechnics,whereby we prepare our youths for the job market and entreperneurs as well. but the bottom line is the govt has delibrately deprived the youths of the north west with access to higher institutions of learning.peace.
this approach by the govt of cameroon is a systematic way to deprive the youths and people of the north west with acesss to higher the location and linguistic barriers that the youths of north west are facing as a result of studying in this francophonie-orientated universities. but what goes up most come down.there is a saying that "if u lift up something that rightly belongs to a child,when u hands are heavy and soar u will let it down to the child". sooner or later the youths of north west would have acess to a state university.God bless cameroon,and thank GOd for making the dream of the late martin luther king a reality whereby a person shall not be judge by the colour of their skin or where they come from or what their surname is but by the content of their character.i hope biya and his regime should learn from the obama victory and work for the betterment of all cameroonians.peace and God bless cameroon
great Ma Mary,Great.
mr.Andre,it is good when a patient sees a doctor who has good intensions to heal him, rather than see a doctor who will rather want to terminate the patient parmanently.the popes visit to cameroon is of no good to his innocent followers or cameroonians and africans at large.he wants to consolidate his mafia here in central and west africa with cameroon being the base since him and mr.biya are members of the same devish sect. if he wishes to advice paul biya with ragards to the sufferings his govt has inflicted on cameroonians,then he would have requested to see biya and not the other way around.africans are not the worst of human beings in the world.he must go and talk to the zonist who are making life miserable for the palestinians. and talking about the pope not being a politician,there is alot of politics going on in the catholic chruch trying to controll the world with its delegates all over the world.alot of war have occured in history from the influcence of the catholic chruch.the pope off course is a politician. lets wait and see how much money the pope will withdraw from the vatican bank to uplift the suffering of cameroons. the simple truth is this calling of the pope by the president is a meeting of friends who want to pursue a political agenda.peace and may the almigthy God bless cameroon and Africa and show us the path to the promise destination.
Radical, i share your views on the diabolic and catastrophic occurances that the catholic chruch has inflicted on course the pope is not representing God or Jesus christ on earth because they have altered GODS words to mankind.The bible as we see it as been altered and tempered alot of times to suit the catholic chruch.from the historical writings to the st.james version to the present day version.why change the word of God and come to decieve mankind through your devish, earthly underground cultic societies.these devils incranated will riot in hell for lying to mankind that they are representatives of GOD ON EARTH.we should always have a logical mind when listening to these so called men of GOD.THERE ARE THE HIGHEST CROOKS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.personally i believe in a superme God who made the earth in which i co-habitat with other fellow human beings,and i believe the God has given me the right to know good from bad and its left for me to maximise my good deeds so that i can be a true image of God,because GOd CREATED THE WORLD OUT OF LOVE.i dont need no so called "man of God" to lecture me on that,peace and may God led us through the path of truth.
the pope comimg to africa to consolidate his hiden agendas in the catholic chruch and what better place to visit than a country who has a president who happens to be in the same devish sect like the pope.peace and may the supreme GOD who made the world bless mankind and show them the light to enternal paradise.
the slave trade was a crime against humnity is condemnable before the laws of creation.any practice till this modern age similar to that should be crushed. some of those ancentors sold their fellow brothers and sisters a result of greed.but if history says the african cheifs where conned into allowing their brothers to be taken to a far away land,then why does history call it a trade. i agree with Ted,we as africas must stop blaming the west for slavery and accept that we were part and parcel of the trade and move on.even up till this day africans are still involved in modern day slavery.may the supreme God forgive our fore-fathers for their mis-deeds and may the human race live according to the spirit of "ubuntu"which implies i am a human being because of other human beings. the southerner,these picture u see here is just to give us an illustration of the so called delta doesnt ikmply it was taken on the same day of the operations.just to give us a picture.
i dont believe that race would play a big row in the outcome of the elections into the white house.the prelimenaries for the normination of obama saw him beating a white democrate to clinch the the democratic nominee. i think as Akana put it Americans are "racailly emancipated".
obamas sucess is an inspiration to black people.believe it or not,the presence of obama in the white house,will change the perception of racist around the world. obamas success is all about change.i hope he gets to the white house and prove to the world that the marginalised can make the world a better place.this is history in a making.
"keep a level head when appointing u ministers.dont practice nepotism and tribalism.if u just, then u ministers will follow suite and be transperent.they will follow from example.but apponiting ministers on bases of tribalism will call for your tribes men to go in there and steal.appoint people who will be even surprise of their appointments and then give them the mandate of accountable service delivery to the people and nothing less.then show them with u action that u donot intend to continue stilling from the people and that u will hold anyone of them acountable for mismanagement and emzellement in their ministries"try something different.
sdf is fooling the people.these decision to resolve to fight for the release of lapiro is a political game.when the iron was hot they didnt bend it,now that its cold,they want to deceive they people that they want to fight for lapiro.these peeple are hypocrates. they want to destract the people for their own ambitions.they dont care about lapiro.the sdf know for sure what their agenda is.its not about fighting for lapiro.these politicians are all vultures..sorry ginger-man.u old pals have deserted u when u needed them most.
this decision is total non sence and religiously motivated.this man is of the muslem faith no doubt. he cannot just come in today and pass laws against the way of life of the people. i will definitely go to jail than accept this.