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mr.Wilson,its common of u to come up here to this forum time and again and advocate of a war in brother, our sense of humanity would never allow ourselves to kill each other.God would provide for us a way forward couplied with our own civilised initiatives to democratize and modernise our country. they might be a power struggle,for a while,but talking about a civil war is out of proportion. i share the same feelings with u on the president clinching to power for to long.but what sound minded cameroonians within the CPDM or the opposition and civil society ought to do is to prepare themselves for any eventuality with ragards to biya towing the line.biya himself has realised that he would not be there for much longer,and for the love of his family,and his motherland to an extend might be trying of late to build a path that would not be too rough when his not there any more. upon all the sufferings that we have experienced since Biyas reign,i believe cameroonians are still progressive and believe in a better cameroon in the near future.fighting a civil war after biya is no more would be of no sense.we have been patient as a nation for change and God willing coupled with the right minds,good endevours and love for our motherland,cameroon would be a better place for all who live in it.peace and God bless the motherland.