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F---Bush says, "....and BTW GK... everybody knows about the election scams.. so don't even bring it.. You guys should read more real news paper. and one more thing GK.. you dumb". Umm, I guess we republicans are not smart enough to be aware of the election scams that explain why you keep losing....or the reason why Bush blew up the WTC or the levees in New Orleans, or why the **Jews** didn't show up to work on 9-11, or why gas prices are $3.80 and climbing because of the bat cave under the West Wing where the Petroleum Pirates control Cheney who controls Bush who controls his Dad who controls the Trilateral comission who invented butterfly ballots to confuse Democrat voters into voting for Pat Buchanen. Maybe if we take a few more semesters at Cal-Berkley we could understand these conspiracy theories that explain why your socialist religion is continually proven wrong and you lose election after election. Did you notice Karl Rove and the Neocons (**Jews**) did not show up at the Pentagon on 911? Wow!! It makes so much sense now.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2006 on Deconstructing the 'Leftist' Mind at The Futurist
Kimmet says, ".. Europe is a very rich place.." as if to imply that their leftist leanings have brought them out of the stone age and into this "Rich" state. You seem to love links so if you would like to see where Europe was before the American tapayer rebuilt their entire continent, take a look at theis link . It was called WWII and it made Europe substantialy not rich. Thank the Capitalist for rebuilding Europe into vibrant economy in the 60s, so they could turn it into a socialist tourist destination, that is now commiting suicide once again and calling Uncle Sam names as they drive off the cliff.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2006 on Deconstructing the 'Leftist' Mind at The Futurist
The Leftist that theorizes that more education (since those with more post graduate education voted for Kerry) must be smarter and I suppose he implies must be smarter in all areas of interest including political choices, is once again making bizarre malthusian leftist leaps of logic. If as his theory implies that there is no law of diminishing returns regarding college education, then wouldn't we be best served if we amend the constitution to insist that only those that have never done anything other than attend college level classes be eligible for the Presidency. A 45 year old man who has never left college would be the ideal Chief executive. I wonder if a seminary student would qualify or a 45 year old graduate of Liberty Baptist College. When the Bell Curve by Charles Murray came out in 1994 and they asked the question among many others, what is the nature of IQ and what good is it with regard to quality of life, the leftist elites felt extremely threatened by this because they consider the publicly funded college system a government franchise of madras' that indoctrinate liberal thought into mushy minds as opposed to a venue for sharpening analytical thought and free thought. I think William Buckley was right when he said a random pick from the boston phone book would serve as better government administrators than the faculty at Harvard.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2006 on Deconstructing the 'Leftist' Mind at The Futurist