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No problem guys... here are the specifics as I see them. I have no real data from Crossway on fonts, sizes, paper weights, etc. Just looking at them side-by-side. :) Right off the bat, the text block itself on the Calfskin is a bit larger (nearly 1/4" taller and a bit less than that wider)than the Premium, yet the text per page seems to be the same. i.e. Romans 12 starts on the same lower right part of the page in both Bibles, etc. So this leaves better spacing for the text on the Calfskin edition. More space between lines and even between individual letters in a word as well. The paper on the Calfskin is more off-white, while the Premium is closer to a shade of yellow, though both are more yellow than white. The Calfskin paper is more opaque than the Premium. When looking at the large bold chapter numbers, the chapter numbers can be seen through two pages of the Calfskin paper, and seen through three to four pages of the Premium paper. The text imprint on the Premium thinline is actually a bit darker than the Calfskin, although due to the higher transparency of the paper and the higher contrast of the dark print on the yellow color of the paper, the Premium text is harder on the eyes to read under both fluorescent and "True Color", those blue tinted GE, lights. The font on both appears to be about the same size, though the Calfskin reads easier and appears to be larger due to the better spacing. Combine these all, and the text is much easier to read on the Calfskin... plus is feel so awesome amazing in the hand. :)
I know this article has been dead for awhile outside of our friendly spambots, but I just received this bible today and it is amazing. I love the calfskin and the font / typeface is considerably better than the Premium Thinline I was using before. Excellent Bible for the price I picked it up for.
Last week I came across an older Cambridge concord bold-figure reference bible in black morocco leather in gorgeous condition at a used/rare book store. I was thrilled at the price for it and was happy to finally have my first "quality bound" bible, even though I prefer the ESV over the KJV. Yesterday my nephews were over at our house for our daughters' birthday party. We were talking about bibles and my youngest nephew commented on not liking to have to share a bible with his older brother. I showed him my newest bible, he loved the leather on it. They all read the KJV at home, so my youngest nephew now has a nice vintage Cambridge concord bible to read at home. I am still waiting on ordering an Allan someday... hopefully after the new year!
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Oct 24, 2010