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Very insightful as always, Auren. I agree on the singular point when considered as the only two options, and further present that these things (and others) are all inextricably linked at their core - one has a hard time existing (perhaps cannot) without the other. They even perhaps have a direct and bi-directional cause/effect relationship - either you have knowledge and then expand your network as a result of being credible (authority leading to social proof), or have a great network and therefore learn from the experienced people around you (social proof leading to authority). I believe that young entrepreneurs often misinterpret what is behind success. I'm often asked….is it ideas, team, smarts, money, connections, knowledge, timing, luck? The answer is YUP - it's all these things and it's very hard to succeed if you are missing even a single one of these key ingredients. I, however, argue that the single most important critical element is simply perseverance (at least for me, it's been true). Consider the "Gold Rush Challenge", where during the Gold Rush, most gold miners simply stopped just feet, even inches, from huge veins of gold after being discouraged by continued adversity. Similarly, how many entrepreneurs stop just short of achieving that turning point, that magical moment where all the momenta shifts in one's direction. How many entrepreneurs, caught up in the sexy, in vogue "pivot" that somehow has seemed to become a measure of success in and of itself, shift directions too soon, or too often? Perseverance in the face of certain defeat drives us to the point of momentum, and Sun Tzu will tell us that warfare is all about momenta - if you are strong, go out, if you are weak, go home. In summary, there are plenty of smart people in this world who do nothing with their knowledge.
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Oct 5, 2012