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Tim Keane
Entrepreneur, Investor, and Advisor to Growth Companies
Interests: Growth Stage Company Strategy
Recent Activity
Joined John Neis, managing director of Venture Investors this morning to discuss the current environment and startups. Continue reading
Don Valentine is a Silicon Valley legend. Not only was he an innovative investor, he also had the foresight to jump when others hesitated and to understand early on how to coach and encourage young entrepreneurs. The Wall Street Journal... Continue reading
Here's Ed Ward's inspiring story of the founding and growth of Irish Fest! A worldwide sensation and a gift to music lovers everywhere. On "How Did You Do That" on WUWM with Kathleen Gallagher "How Ed Ward Created The World's... Continue reading
How @kyleweatherly went from healthcare to hospitality on "How Did You Do That?" #WUWM #lakeffect Continue reading
For leaders of private, closely held companies, selling the company is an important and critical event in their lives. There are several important considerations in managing the sales process to maximize results, avoid both delays and failure to close, all... Continue reading
Hear the inspiring story of Franklin Energy's growth to $250 Million from its founder and CEO and how he navigated through three Private Equity transactions on "How Did You Do That?" Podcast here: Continue reading
Hear how Tera Johnson's revolutionary idea for a whey plant turned into a homerun! #wuwm #terajohnson #teraswhey @KathleenGall Continue reading
There is a national trend in angel investing as angel investors continue to retreat from seed and startup stage deals and seek ventures with more established track records. Contrary to the public musings we’ve seen in Milwaukee, it’s not a... Continue reading
Hear: How Jerry Smith's Entrepreneurship Shaped His Career in Commercial Banking Continue reading
The most difficult task faced by both entrepreneurs and investors is not only obtaining resources or making investment decisions, but also assessing the chances of success in the proposed venture. This note is an attempt to outline some of these... Continue reading
This month's guest on "How Did You Do That" -- Roger Thrun "How Roger Thrun Moved into The World of Moving People" Continue reading
How Fred Foster built a theatre lighting company from scratch: December 2017 broadcast of "How Did You Do That" Fred started Electronic Theatre Controls with his brother and two friends in 1975. He was a UW-Madison student with an... Continue reading
New podcast with successful entrepreneurs: Continue reading
The winner of the Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan competition this year is Northern Star Fire, led by Eau Claire fire captain Jeff Dykes. It's a great story. With perhaps a moral for investors and maybe entrepreneurs. Captain Dykes designed an... Continue reading
It’s not very often that angel networks disclose results. Most of us are ready and willing to discuss our approaches, beliefs or methods, but usually stop well short of providing the proof of our assertions. Today, Golden Angels is publishing... Continue reading
Earlier this year, two dozen former students of mine, their friends and colleagues, formed Golden Angels Advisors. Their goal is to help the next generation of investors grow their expertise in both new ventures and early stage investing. Over the... Continue reading
In the final scene of “The Martian,” Matt Damon’s character, (Mark) says to a class of astronaut candidates: "At some point, everything's gonna go south on you and you're going to say, this is it. This is how I end.... Continue reading
GUEST POST By Tim Taylor "The Pitch Coach" from Silicon Valley ( The key to a successful angel group presentation is to keep in mind that your objective is to get people in the audience thinking to themselves “This is... Continue reading
Guest Post by Sean Mannion, Keane Consultants Many midsized businesses correctly worry that mistakes in new product introduction or revisions can be very risky. Customer dissatisfaction often results in shifting market share. The price of being wrong is very high.... Continue reading
I was in Ireland not too long ago in a meeting of a company board of which I'm a member. The company had a very good year - a great one, really - based on a executing a good strategy... Continue reading
This past Friday morning, there was a news story in which Brian Taffora of CSA Partners in Milwaukee criticized local angel groups for, in his words, "offering terms to startups that "de-risk" the deals for themselves but hurt the company's'... Continue reading
Last night’s game, like Saturday’s ended with a losing-team player disconsolate in the dirt, but this time without an attached ruling to talk about. Kolten Wong, a ninth- inning Cardinals pinch base runner, was cleanly picked off first base by... Continue reading
Thanks first of all to the people in my life that made it possible for me, thirteen years ago, to devote years to coaching entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship MBA students. That would first of all be my wife of 42 years,... Continue reading
Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest jobs there is. OK, so it’s not high altitude forest-fire fighting, (unless you’re starting a fire jumping service!). Every entrepreneur knows, though, that in the quest to make a difference for customers,... Continue reading
Starbucks announced this week that it is partnering with Arizona State University to make an undergraduate education available at a steep discount to 135,000 US employees who work at least 20 hours a week. Workers will be able to choose... Continue reading