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AE is the fact that the country was founded on ideas and principles, unlike most other nations (founded essentially as a result of tribalism). As imperfect as the USA is (progressives, you tried utopianism with eugenics-did not turn out very well), Lincoln pegged us perfectly as the "last best hope on earth".
Mr Zorn conveniently does not mention that on the critical pieces the President really wanted, the Maine (R) senators voted with the Dems. If he didn't get the most radical forms of legislation passed, he can blame the Blue Dogs, and his incredible incapacity to build relationships. But in some cases it does not matter. I refer you to Friday's immigration policy change. Obama's imperial presidency in full view. The irony is, if Dem Senators had voted for the McCain-Kennedy bill several years back, it would have passed and Bush would have signed. It had plenty of R support, but roughly 15 Dems voted against cloture--just enought to prevent the 60 votes needed to bring the bill to a vote, and no 1 Dem could be singled out. Pretty clever move Dems. Why did the Dems not vote for it--ask unionized labor and their $. So the party for the average person prevents real immigration reform.
So how do I neutralize the extra $1900/yr that Quinn/Madigan et al will squeeze out of me? Cut spending is the only way--sorry IL merchants. Or maybe we should take the advice of a fellow shopper at the grocery store recently, who literally could not understand why we did not get WIC subsidies. The baseline in people's heads in this state is one of dependency. Not a good harbinger for the future.
Kip, I will put this in terms even you should be able to understand. Here's the lefty report card as of today from when non-triangulating Dems took Congress in Jan 2007. 1/3/2007 Unemployment 4.6% National debt 8.6 Trillion Today Unemployment 9.8% National debt 14 Trillion Nice job Dems (with support from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)! Gee, wasn't Rahm Emanuel getting big bucks for being on the board of Fannie Mae during the hysteria in the middle of the decade? Maybe some enterprising reporter should dig a little deeper.
Wow, it appears I hit a nerve Mr Zorn. If you want to have a contest to enumerate unqualified politicians I will be happy to oblige. But it won't even be a fair contest with all of the Dems to choose from. In typical lefty fashion, you resort to name-calling and don't address the substantive comments. By the way, I guess it is too much to expect from limousine liberals to distinguish between "tlacoyo" and "troll"???. FYI- a tlacoyo is a simple and delicious type of Mexican taco. You see, those of us who have actually traveled and WORKED in places like Mexico would know these things and appreciate them. Once again, come on Mr Zorn, where is that commitment to diversity and multiculturalism that I hear lefties fumigate about?
What has happened to Chicago is the natural outcome when lefties run things. In the lefty world there should be two classes of people-a small leftist elite (them) with the power, and masses of people who are dependent on them. A self-sustaining (conservative) middle class is the enemy of lefties and socialists, because it is competition to their power. Not exactly rocket science folks. Come on Mr Zorn, your ideology produces candidates like Mr Emanuel and Ms Braun by design. ZORN REPLY. Come on, Mr. Troll, your ideology has given us Sarah Palin, Mark Sanford, Michelle Bachman, Dan Burton, Christine O'Donnell...BY DESIGN.
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Jan 4, 2011